Tuesday, January 05, 2010


news.. someone has a new blog.. xD haha..

anyways, someone else who's suppose to have NS didnt go because he just came back from China. So he's only going on thursday. so today, we went out to sunway. At first we were suppose to go to sunway club. but the badminton court was fully booked so we went to pyramid. i followed geoffrey there. As we reached, we saw Wei Zhong.

So while waiting for keenan, we went around. We went to see the movie times at TGV. There were not many movies to watch but Wei Zhong wanted to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. I was like, for a guy to watch these movies. He even said he likes these types of movies.. lol.. so anyway, we went to go Popular bookstore coz Wei Zhong wanted to see what new anime has been released. I went to see some magazines.. So then we met Keenan at popular bookstore.

So we met and Keenan was hungry, so were the others. So we went to KFC. I already had breakfast so i only wanted one piece of chicken so i ordered the chicky meal.. lol.. ok la. we ate and talk.. then we went to maxis so that keenan can pay his phone bills.. Then we went for ice skating.

It was a really good experience.. it was a first time for me.. i fell a few times but i got a hang of it soon.. haha.. then we saw some pro skaters, Ben, Brandon and MC.. At first i noticed MC was a really nice guy cos he helped whoever who fell. I could say hes a pro skater cos he had custom skates, so custom skates means he skates often and means hes good due to alot of prac.. so keenan went up to them and we got to know them. they were really nice people to show us some tricks and tips.. so i kept on skating and kinda got a hang of it.. but soon they had to resurface the ice so we went out.. RM 13 per entry on weekdays and RM 8 for the gloves. I also saw an ice hockey player from brats working there, Shairi Jirwan.

So we went to the arcade and played those racing games.. played, ok la. quite fun but we limited RM 10 so we wont overspend.. so we went to Jusco cos keenan wanted to buy shorts and shirt cos he was going to sunway club after. Then we went to A&W for tea. Soon we went back. Me and geoffrey took the bus home and wei zhong followed his mom back.

Take care.. =)

I hope i can go on saturday again.. =)

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