Friday, February 26, 2010


haha.. well i dont really know where to start..

this happened on the 24th of February 2010.. the time was around 5.15pm i think.. haha..

still quite unbelievable as she said she wouldnt couple with anyone until spm's over.. well look wat happened now.. haha.. its hard to believe too.. actually it was unbelievable when she told me she liked me 3 months back.. all through my head last time- she would never like me.. I couldnt be trusted and that time there was every reason for her to not like me.. 9th of December, unbelievable.=) I was shocked that she liked me. and now, were together.. =)

well looking at the past, yes, i did screw up alot.. until the point that everyone, well most of my friends or everyone u can say, didnt trust me. When i go around with her, people tell her not to trust me and all.. well she herself knew what a type of person i was (that time).. so yeah.. so basically, i was a playboy before.. i dont call myself one, but people call me that.. i did not mean to be that way.. but ya, sorry to those i hurt before, and those who lost trust in me..

But for this time, i saw myself change.. there are reasons to prove that i change, and i wudnt want to say it.. haha.. but she knows.. she kinda like knows everything about me.. and im glad i did change.. i hope things get better as i or maybe we (=)) go on through life.. everything has its ups and downs.. hope that the deep understanding in each other keeps us strong.. =)

well sometimes i do worry, because things seem to be smooth.. and i know when theres an up, theres a down.. so i worry that someday things may go very bad.. am i being paranoid? but i really hope nothing goes wrong.. i just got to believe.. =)

And not forgetting the people who changed my life and help me realise and supported me, of course Yen Li =) and Chun Yeet, Jeremy Mark, Geoffrey Tan, Julian Yap,Keenan Ong, Robyn Tung and those who did play a role and i forgot to put you in, a BIG THANKS! well overall my parents do play a role here, so thanks to them too.. =) (im just appreciating people, not recieveing global globe awards or wat.. xD)

take care.. =D

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY 2010

Hey, well i just got home and well i dun really have much to say about cny but the normal reunions and visiting and ang paos.. haha.. well i'm just gona post a few pics that i think are nice.. haha.. then the others after the Photography Competition cos im not allowed to publish the photo in any way and submit it, well r&r so yeah..

haha.. talk about safety..

is this nice? xD

oh traffic jam on the north south highway..

nice? xD


oh look.. =)

haha.. check this out.. the trailer came off the truck.. lol!

nice? xD its those big jawstick by the way.. haha..

Jonker Street..

one of those police patrol bikes..

Sunset by the beach at an ikan bakar restaurant..

random geographically nice rocks at a random rubber tree plantation when we got lost.. lol..

this is nice.. the rock is so huge like a platform.. didnt dare go up tho.. it was like some prayer area..

rubber tree cutting?

dad and

totally pointless.. dont go..

waste of money..

take care.. =)