Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Another Saturday.. =D

They were going to celebrate Jin Li's Birthday. Well this happened last Saturday, the 30th of January..

At first, JY and T planned to go out on this date already and 'she' asked me if i could go.. i thought i couldnt as i had a church meeting. but as the days went by, the outing was only in the afternoon, so i could make it.. =)

So first i had the church meeting. i woke up at 9.00am. I had my bath and breakfast and reached the place at 10.30.. The meeting went on, we had a talk from Father. Then we had lunch then a Q&A session. By that time it was about 2pm so i had to go.

My parents sent me to Pyramid. I reached there earlier, so i had to wait for her for awhile. JY and T were there already so i didnt wana disturb them. After awhile, she arrived and we met the others at McD. They bought tickets for the Toothfairy already. So after meeting them, we she and i went for a walk.

I told her to promise me something, then she was like, what? then i said just promise first, well i wanted to take a photo with her, it always seem hard to take a photo with her. Till now we still have no photo together, hmm.. well anyways, she was like, i know what u want to do already, then i purposely show a sad face.. lol..

while walking, i told her that we should buy something for Jin Li, so we went around looking for gifts, and u know lah.. =) haha.. oh and we ate at tutti fruity.. err, dont eat there.. the 53cent per gram thingy is a trick.. your ice cream ends up 12 bucks.. lol.. better go Swensens or Baskin Robins.. lol..

so by then it was already 4pm and jin li called saying that shes there already. So we went to the cinema, toilet first of course, then we went to sit. When the movie started with a blank screen and it said PG-13, i asked her what movie were we watching. lol.. cos before that they kept changing movies.. lol.. so yeah, its a really good movie.. haha.. you should go and watch it.. haha..

So halfway in the movie, she was so err, into the movie, she was staring at the screen and holding the popcorn. i told her the popcorn is gona fall and the next thing i knew is the popcorn spilt.. lol.. so anyway its ok, she was quite full already.. haha..

so after the movie, we kinda had to go to the toilet badly, including Jin Li. But once reaching the toilet door, JY smsed her saying she left a plastic bag, so we hurried back to the cinema but it was lock, as it was the exit. So we went all the way back to the entrance and we met them and they said they lost it before the movie already, so we were like, okay... time to go to the toilet.. ahhh... lol..

So then after, Jin Li said shes going to meet Jia Ji and meet back for dinner, so me and her set off to find Jin Li's gift.. not to mention, we kinda got a bookmark for ourselves.. haha.. soon, it was dinner time and still no gift..

At the same time we went to check the food prices at bubba gump.. err, haha.. if u dont earn then dont eat there.. haha..

We went to TGIF and i asked the guy for any birthday promotions, only one slice on the house.. She was telling me that it would be so awkward for Jin Li to just have a slice of cake.. so we were like, no, its not a good idea. So just dinner then.. So we ate, and laughed and just went crazy there.. no comments about wat happened.. lol..

So after dinner, seems like she can stay back till 10pm.. YAY!! so we said bye to JY and T and we went off to Popular bookstore to read our notes.. Time passed so fast, she had to go back already.. i watched her leave and stayed back waiting for my parents.. the end.. lol?

Take care.. =)

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