Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY 2010

Hey, well i just got home and well i dun really have much to say about cny but the normal reunions and visiting and ang paos.. haha.. well i'm just gona post a few pics that i think are nice.. haha.. then the others after the Photography Competition cos im not allowed to publish the photo in any way and submit it, well r&r so yeah..

haha.. talk about safety..

is this nice? xD

oh traffic jam on the north south highway..

nice? xD


oh look.. =)

haha.. check this out.. the trailer came off the truck.. lol!

nice? xD its those big jawstick by the way.. haha..

Jonker Street..

one of those police patrol bikes..

Sunset by the beach at an ikan bakar restaurant..

random geographically nice rocks at a random rubber tree plantation when we got lost.. lol..

this is nice.. the rock is so huge like a platform.. didnt dare go up tho.. it was like some prayer area..

rubber tree cutting?

dad and car..lol..

totally pointless.. dont go..

waste of money..

take care.. =)

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