Thursday, February 11, 2010

it was wednesday

haha.. well wednesday as usuall i go and see her and take her to tuition.. haha.. well no pics of wat happened and thats between me and her.. xD but guess wat, valentines is near and got these 2 things, a paper orange and a phone chain.. small yet meaningful.. =)

well first of all the orange which is paper.. haha.. well the library had this special request where u can have a note and give an orange.. so to support the library activities, i did get one for her.. haha.. so she returned with a paper orange with a note, which is actually meaningful, because i really dont eat oranges.. haha.. so yeah, its the thought that counts.. im quite touched in a way.. =)

2nd was the phone chains.. i could actually get those that can connect but to be safe from interrogation from parents, i got sumthin simple, a paw, reminds her of a dog as she likes dogs alot.. actually animals.. haha..

and not forgetting i gave her a note.. its with her.. hehe..

take care.. =)

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