Friday, February 12, 2010

Outing with friends

Hey. haha.. well today someone sent me a message and woke me up.. =) haha.. well it was ok, i was suppose to get up anyway.. haha.. well my friend had a gathering at her house so we went and all.. voon hoe picked me up and send me there.. there we talk and play music, guitar and piano and all then robyn came late then we all went to my house then we take my drumsticks and chords and went to ss15 and looked for parking and went to eat in mc d and walked alot just to go to a jamming studio and jammed and went back home.. lol.. thats the synopsis..

well anyway after the gathering, robyn drove voon hoe's car for a round and err, nothing bad happened actually.. right robyn? xD haha.. well we then went to my house to pick up my drumsticks as we want to go jamming. So then after that we followed voon hoe and picked up keenan.. so we went to ss15.

traffic was terrible there.. haha.. parking was bad but we found one beside starbucks, which i think is illegal.. xD haha.. well then we ate at mcD and keenan and robyn went to starbucks.. keenan is back from NS for CNY holidays.. haha.. then we went to jam.. first we went to the R'ythmx.. it was booked, so we went to another to last minute find out its close. we met the owner in McD and he said it may be open later.. then when we were there and called him he said it was close for renovation.. zzz..

so cause we were tired, we took the car and parked to a place closer to the the R'ythmx.. so we jammed there in Studio A.. no guitar... lol.. well just jammed.. okok oni i can say.. haha..

well after that we went home.. we jammed for an hour only.. haha..

oh and i drove voon hoe's car abit aso today. xD

P.S.= thx to her for the valentine post.. =)

take care.. =)

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