Sunday, March 28, 2010

Away for Camp

Hey guys, im off for a camp for 3 months.. if anything, email me at
take care.. =)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Earth Hour

27th March 2010, 8.30 p.m. Shut all your lights for one hour in support of the Earth Hour. Together the whole world will off their lights at each 8.30 p.m. depending on the time zone.

yes, it will be an hour of darkness. But so what? you guys can throw street parties in your neighborhood. Light some candles to light up the area, have a few drinks (do be careful if alcoholic), snacks or play some music. You guys can go down to town to see the skyscrapers disappear. Well those couples can have a candle light dinner at the same time too. =) well anyways, alot can be done.

Well they say switch off your lights, but the main point of the event is to cut down the usage of electricity. So that includes your computer, modem, fan, air conditioners etc. So vote to support yeah!

Most probably if i can, im going down to Kuala Lumpur to see the Petronas Twin Towers go off. =)

According to Earth Hour Malaysia,
You can support Earth Hour by:
  1. Turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27
  2. Pledge your support towards Earth Hour 2010!
  3. Showing your support and adding yourself to our world map
  4. Adding Earth Hour widgets, logos and banners to your blog or website to help us spread the word
  5. Download e-cards and send them to your friends & family or share it on your social network
  6. Download the poster pack and posters* especially designed by Vine House Productions and spread the word to colleagues, business partners, friends and family.
  7. Talking about Earth Hour in your social network by updating your Social Network grabbing a Twibbon, tweeting about your support, and more
  8. Get together with your friends and family, by hosting an Earth Hour party or holding your own candlelit affair
  9. Rally your local council or community group to run an Earth Hour event for your community
  10. Encourage your employer and workmates to take part in Earth Hour and make energy savings every day
  11. Make an Earth Hour Lantern as a symbol of hope for the future
  12. Be creative! Find a new way to mark Earth Hour and let us know all about it!

Take care. =)

Nissan GT-R spotted

This was also last Sunday, same day where i went for my beef noodles. I spotted this car at first at Berjaya Times Square. Soon it went to Low Yat Plaza. Nice modification on a GT-R. It's coated with pearlescent paint, spoilers are changed, rims and so as body kits. Oh when i took a pic of his car, i think he saw me, then he reved his engine. Sweet roaring sound of the Godzilla.

Pandan Red Tea and Beef Noodles

This was last Sunday, about 4 days ago. My family went to the Lot 10 foodcourt for some beef noodles which i really like. Their main branch is actually at a corner shop in Kota Raya, which im not really sure of the location, but i know how to get there.

Mainly, yes, its beef. The noodles is the 'Wan Tan Mee' type of noodles but with minced beef and vege, which is kai lan i think. This also comes with a bowl of beef balls, about 5 or 6. The soup is very tasty as it's strong with pepper and a taste of beef. Not too much nor too little is the pepper. You would just love the soup.

The Pandan Red Tea

Besides that, you can also order sliced beef either with tendons or not. There are also much more side orders to choose from. Besides food, they serve a special Pandan Red Tea. Well from the name, thats the drink. Pandan mixed with red tea. I have no idea how its made, but it satisfies your thirst. The tea is smooth as the pandan gives it the smoothness. Though without sugar, the pandan also makes the drink slightly sweeter. You can just get the tea for RM1. Its worth it.

'Quite' a depressing moment

Hey guys, well so far i didnt update yet. Well these days, its getting boring, the internet. But yeah, recently i am in this video competition with Tristan Toh about the Malaysian Hospitality. It took 2 days to shoot, the first day was because the camera had not enough battery and the guy lost his charger. The second, we got a different camcorder and everything was fine, but not quite. So the editing went well. Me and Tristan thought it was good, but after some commenting by others and personal views, not that good actually. Our main point couldn't be seen. Its abit hidden, and yes, if you open your eyes, the main point is in the video, but you have to really observe.

Well good luck for that, but next is about Form 6. Now to think about it, you cant apply but be offered. So, what happends if i dont get offered? Most likely i go to UTAR, or maybe its the end, i gota start working already. Well regrets, yeah. Studying in form 5 was actually way much fun. Now im studying SAT and its really boring. I dont have the initiative to study that, but i have to so i can get a scholarship. Thats my second chance. But it looks like its not going to be easy. Well i heard theres alot of time during National Service. Hope i get the time to study there.

Speaking of National Service, i got my letters already today. Im going off already this Sunday. Not really excited for it. Things this week just dont seem to work, like the CD's my bro gave me, and being away from my girl. Hope she takes good care always and studies while im away. In a way, she has more time to study. At least we can call on the weekends.

Well what else can i say? This seems quite depressing to me...

take care.. =/

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

An AWARENESS (Must Watch)

Its quite scary to watch this but its an awareness.. take a look..

take care..

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Churchs New Toy

Haha.. its a Yamaha.. the Behringer busted.. so we got this new mixer. It suppose to be for the new church but we had no choice.. this mixer is awesome.. why its better then the behringer? cos it has 2x 4 aux outputs, its sound processing is better so theres no hissing sound at all and there are more channels.. its a 32 channel mixer, comes with 2 multi effects and just brilliant. =)

if you click the yamaha link above, you will see it.. they have 2 versions, the 24 channel and the 32 channel.

take care.. =)

Friday, March 19, 2010


After sooo long, i finally get to see her again.. (well fine, some other people had waited longer, hehe)

I arived Sunway at 9.30am and waited for her.. she came about 10. she sms-ed me asking where i was, but i told her to find me, and she did. i should have made it harder for her. =) on the spot after saying hi, we hugged. =D

so we went around, first stop, TGV cinema. We didnt know what movie to watch. She suggested Lovely Bones so i was quite curious about its story so i agreed. We took the couple seats as its just RM 1 extra each and really, it was worth it.. =)

movie, it was ok.. alot of suspense scenes. Tho abit weird, but it does have a lesson to learn.

So after the movie we went for lunch. Since its friday for this season, i only can eat fish but not lean meat. so i went to McD for a fillet o fish. i got the value meal and she got the ala carte so we shared the fries and the drink.

We then went around and finally sat somewhere for hours as we talked and talked and talked and took some photos together, finally.. =)

we had to go back soon but both our parents were going to be late so we then ate at Starbucks where Geoffrey was there. we took a donut and one ice blended choc. thanks geoffrey for making such a good drink. =)

we then went to JCo as her mom wanted some donuts too. =) then we had to go back, sadly. tho the time was short but it was great to see her again, especially i am going to NS soon..

take care.. =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

6 easy steps on how to use blogger layouts.

Step 1 ;log into blogger and click layout.

Step 2 ;click pick new template.

Step 3 ;choose you're template and click save.

Step 4 ;go back to page elements.

Step 5 ;drag and drop your applications.

Step 6 ;save after you arrange.


Studio Howard

As the BRATs were in Penang, we got a chance to go to a studio of a photographer. Howard Tan has been taking photos on the historical elements of Penang.

From my point of view, his photos are very artistic. The photos are mostly not original, but they are edited to show historical elements. He uses digital and/or water paint to edit his photos. If you live in a house that is classical or portrays the elements of history, his photographs are perfect for your home. Besides that, he also takes artistic photos of cats and plants. If you are a cat lover, or either love plants, you can drop by his studio or his web site.

Drop a visit to his studio on the top floor at 88 Armenian Street, 10200 Penang. You can also contact him at
604-262 9079
016-5511 428

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Penang BRATs

There's alot to say about this camp. but mostly are kept in memories. Its hard to just spill everything out here. Im now home, and wish im out there exploring the world as studies are haunting me. But the good memories chill me. Check out the Penang BRATs Tumblr @

Overall, this group of BRATs, even though they are not serious about their work, they are lively and happening. Yes, being serious gives good work in the end, not to say their work was bad, it just wasnt good enough, for example the videos and sound slides. mainly they did not have a theme to their video. 2nd is about the efforts. Sound and sight relate very well. If a person talks about something and whatever shown is different, it shows a confusion. For example, they introduced a person, but the picture shown at the same time was an altar, so it creates a confusion. And another thing about being serious in the work, some dont stick to their theme, and are trying to look for attention, like placing their names suddenly in between the videos, or placing bloopers in the videos. Yes, for some people its funny, but not most people. Take it seriously guys when your out there..

Camp is over and the BRATs take advantage of the time to take photos and get the contact details of their new friends and mostly, Niki Cheong, Ivy and Sharm. Then together we went for lunch at the corner coffee shop. Greg, Jessica Tan, Sharm and I had the Penang Char Koay Teow. Niki had the flat noodle Wan Tan Mee and Ivy had the ordinary Wan Tan Mee. We also ordered Lobak and shared.

Then, the 'Journey' begins.. about 1pm we left the hotel in a Toyota Unser. It was about a 5 hour journey. Me, Niki, Sharm, Sean and Jessica were together in the car. We talked and we sang songs - Malaysian Independence Day songs and random songs on the radio - and stopped by the Tapah rest area for some donuts and ice cream. We had a challenge, were not allowed to sleep during the Journey, and Sean Knocked out first.. hehe.. Actually at first Sharm fell asleep but she gave excuses saying she wasnt sleeping but just closing her eyes. And after Sean, was Jessica.. I was awake throughout the whole journey.. =)

I had a good time with them..

take care.. =D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 3

Hey. Coming late night from Penang will i say about its 3rd day.. Basically, wake up, shower, eat, briefing, assignments, lunch, games and assignments. But today we successfully thought them the algorithm march. It wasnt easy for them at first but they seem to be alright. And after dinner, they did performances and some were great. the videos will be uploaded soon.

After that, the BRATs rushed to finish their assignments before the deadline. Stress were seen in the faces of some of them but due to technology, some are hooked to their iPhones, or some just seem to lepak. lol. Well anyways its 2.30 am now.. got to get to bed.. take care and good night..

Sunday, March 14, 2010

BRATs Penang 10'

Good day to you guys.. well i had to wake up today about 4 something am. It would take about 5 hours to drive up to Penang. I had to reach there before 12pm as im senioring the event. Sounds kinda being old isit? haha. well anyways it started off by reaching Cititel Penang at 11.15am. There was this girl at the lobby who kept looking at me as i had my BRATs tag on.. i was guessing, oh, this must be one of the participants. and yes, she was. but she was a senior too.

Her name is Tammy. At first i thought it was Teresa Goh as i saw my email from The Star.. lol.. so anyways, we went to the business center to meet Ivy. She was there and asked us to look for a bakery nearby. The lighthouse bakery, said to be located at the Oriental Hotel which was just across Cititel. But we both ended up walking all the way to the Eastern and Oriental Hotel. We asked around for the bakery and it was quite surprising that many people are not familiar with such bakery. It was a long and hot walk so in the end Ivy called us to come back.

As we arrived at the 3rd floor, we could see more BRATs participants mixing around. But Ivy wasnt really happy as everything was going slow. About 10 more participants were still missing, which came up after awhile. At the same time The Star crew arrived, and Niki was looking quite upset.. Must be the traffic stress i guess..

So it started off with the ice breaking activity but i couldnt join them as i was busy handling the registration and equipment. During the registration, i was helped by the seniors and Jessica Tan, who happends to be my brothers friend from the Ipoh workshop. Well anyways till then everything was getting smoother and an introduction to BRATs was held.

Lunch was soon after and we went down to eat. but as seniors, i stayed back to make sure the hall was lock as all our equipment were there.. At the same time we also had to make sure everyone arrives in time and all. Soon after lunch we went back to the hall and our sessions begun. and our last senior, Greg just arrived..

(Sorry guys its been a long day and its 1am now. im gona hit the bed and continue soon..)

The story continues...

As Greg arrived, we were sorting out the rooms. 2 people were set per room and only 2 rooms had 3 people. We tried to mix the races as Ivy told us to. We had the 6th floor of the hotel to stay and my room was 634.

Break was ready and we went to eat. It was the first day so people seem to be getting to know each other, but some are already friends thanks to the social network site, Facebook. The BRATs had already contacted each other before the camp.

The next session was about photography. Some photos were shown and the participants were thought on how to take photos- like rule of third and focusing - and they were given assignments to take a photo of 'green'.

They went around the hotel to take phots. After 10 minutes they went back to the hall to submit their photos. each person submitted one photo, which suppose to be their best photo.

Diner timeee... and James was talking about a joke on red balls.. lol..

At night, the BRATs had their video session, the introduction to multimedia. Tips and advises were given and in the end, they were given a try to be on camera. At first, most of them were not serious. But after some lecturing from Niki Cheong, they were serious. Alot of BRATs complain about them, but come on la, be real.. You go for a camp to learn and yes, have fun. But if your're not thought to be serious, you think u can learn from this camp? Niki Cheong and Ivy Soon are actually great people, thanks for your lessons from both Malacca and Penang camps.

back to rooms and lights out..

take care. =)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Result

Well many people said they couldnt sleep the night before, but for me, i was too tired and i just fell asleep..

it was 8.29am and i planned to go to school at 9am to meet up with my friends.. So i went straight to the shower and drank i cup of mocha before going school. The reason why i was going to school was because my SPM results were going to be released.. Nervous? not yet at that moment..

When i reached school, i walked around the foyer C and see no one around yet.. Funny how last year, alot came early. I also met a few of my old school friends who are still schooling at the moment.. So i just waited at the canteen and i ate some tom yam noodles from the canteen, yuck.. no wonder i dont miss school food.. lol.. that time i was aso with Ganesha.

We moved back to the foyer C after breakfast and met up with Fahmi. Soon one by one more people came, and soon, the whole place was flooded with people.. Our results were suppose to be released at 10am. but somehow, as usual, it came about 10.45am. well my results i oni gor 8A and 3B (all mixed with A+, A, A-, B+ and B) which is not so well.. My bro said it was 'quite' good.. others were just ok. Well Yen Li seemed very happy about it.. but i wasnt really. well maybe its because with that result i failed to get my JPA scholarship. The m for that scholarship is 9A (of any A)..

So well i guess i'll be going Form 6 with Robyn.. Most probably i will be going to SMK Seafield..

So after we got the results, i walked Yen Li back to her class and had a little chat.. Soon i went back down. Me and my friends planned to go out. So me, robyn, keenan, voon hoe, sing ee, alenxia, li faung, kelly and wai yin went to Pyramid to eat lunch. We went to some pasta shop with all pastas.. Nothing special except vandalising Voon Hoe's food with chilli and cheese.. lol.. Then after, the guys went to Red Box and Sing Ee and Wai Yin joined us.. the other girls went for ice skating.. We finished about 5pm. But Sing Ee had to go back early as she got a headache. Form Red Box i went back to Pyramid at one of the Pharmacys to get a panadol and a bottle of water. But soon after, she went back home.

After some shouting, we went to Sunway Club for badminton. play play and play.. then go gym and used the punching bag till i bled inside my hand.. lol.. Voon Hoe thought me some ways to punch.. Quite interesting.. After we went to play badminton again and went to shower..

We went back to Pyramid to have dinner. But before that, Robyn had to go back. Soon, we went to some Nasi Kandar restaurant. Before entering, I called Geoffrey if he wanted to join us.. He was on his way back so we waited for him. In about 15 minutes, Geoffrey arrived. He just came back from KL for his Starbucks training. We went for dinner after.. I ate Tandoori and Naan, which i havent eaten for 2 years i think.. I also took a can of 100plus cos i was quite tired, and the total bill was RM 10.50.. not bad for one whole chicken. It was mostly filling.

Dinner was done and Keenan's Pastor was waiting for us at starbucks. I tink he was Pastor Tim. But before that i went to Popular bookstore to find a wall calendar for my video which i will be recording tomorrow. Then i joined the others soon after.

It was the first time i met Pastor Tim. He was pleasant and very, chilled? i think thats the word.. haha.. (oh this is my first haha in the post.. lol..) so we had a chat and i had to go back soon cause it was getting late.. it was already past 10.. So then, we went back..

Oh and thx to Voon Hoe who has driven us, Robyn for paying for lunch and Keenan who payed for the Sunway Club visitor fees.

take care..

Sunday, March 07, 2010

BRATs outing

haha.. what a day.. it started by waking up at 8.45.. as usual, shower and got ready and went to apollos to eat.. while eating, i kept looking out to check on the bus.. on my watch, 9.28 am the bus came.. i was still eating.. so alright then.. i havto wait another 30 min.. so after breakfast, i walked to school to drop by and see the scouts..

well today was their first meeting, quite late for one.. there were quite a number of people there but alot of familiar faces.. it was nice to see them again.. the scouts, we were like a family.. so yeah, i was hanging around with them and when my watch hit 9.50, i left to wait for the bus..

as i was walking out, yin ting and jia ying were at the waiting area.. i said hi and simply tapped Jia Ying on her left shoulder.. as i walked on, she looked to the right.. i was like, ur suppose to look to the left.. she said i saw someone walking by.. haha.. see.. Jia Ying is not as blur as someone.. haha.. xD

i still remember the time when i was stil schooling.. 'she' was walking at the assembly hall and i gave one whack on her back.. i stood on her right side, she looked back towards left and didnt see anyone.. so i continued walking beside her not till like 5 secs, she was like, eh, since when were u here? haha.. so blur la she.. xD

well anyways, right on time.. as i waited at the main road, the bus came within 2 minutes.. haha.. so lucky.. so when i arrived at Sunway Pyramid, i called Tristan.. well he did not pick up his phone.. so i just walked on to look for the extreme park.. then soon he called, and he said he will be late.. i asked him, u just woke up? and he was like, yeah.. sorry.. haha.. well its ok.. so i was on my own looking for the extreme park..

i went to the information counter to ask where the EP was.. they said walk to the entrance of the Lagoon Theme Park.. oh great, looks like we havto go in the park to get to EP.. so after some walking, me and Yee Ming and his friend took a shuttle to sunway medical.. The extreme park suppose to be there too.. well, no sign of it, we walked back to pyramid.. lol..

so soon we decided to wait for Tristan and the others had a snack first.. so soon Tristan came, then Jie Cong.. so then we were like, ah the shooting range is too far, just go lagoon la.. so we walked to the entrance, saw so many people there.. First Yee Ming said the ticket prices are cheap.. well to our surprise, it was RM 45 for 1 park per adult.. zzzz.. okok, turn back, lets go arcade instead.. haha...

so we played daytona and we were just guys having fun.. we crash like mad and all.. after a few games we played table hockey.. lol.. alot of times i scored into my own goal.. the chip is just so fast. haha..

hockey at the arcade.. lol..

well we played till Saren came, with his girlfriend, Rachel.. Quite interesting as they met in National Service.. haha.. they said he brought back a souvenir from NS, which is a girl.. haha.. well after that we had lunch in full house.. haha.. That place, well it was so different compared to any restaurant, and it was so white.. The food pricing was normal like any other restaurant.. Their menu was like a comic book.. haha.. well i took the set lunch, Rm16 for soup, big ice lemon tea and dory fish fillet and a dessert.. not so bad the food, not bad, not too god either, it was just ok.. the fish was kinda tasteless so i added tobasco sauce..

Jie Cong.. :D

Me and Tristan

The menu, looks like a magazine, but inside is also a comic.. haha..



my soup.. mushroom soop with some nuts(some kind of flat nuts).. quite good but nicer without the nuts.. haha..

Dory Fish Fillet with vege and mash potato..

Yee Ming and glass of Iced Lemon Tea... The lemon tea was good.. =)

When i was almost finished with my lunch, Marissa just arrived and she ate a large sandwich dish, which she thought will be small.. haha.. so at the same time, we discussed our ideas for the video competition.. after that, we went bowling=)

as we arrived at the bowling centre, it was quite full, we had to wait for 10 minutes to play, so we waited.. then we got 2 lanes as there were 6 of us.. So we changed shoes, and Marissa wore sandals, so no socks, and she had to wear those shoes without socks.. haha! so we were on the way to the alley 47 and 48.. as we walked, Tristan was in front of me.. from a distance, Niki Cheong was watching Tristan pass by.. then i stopped and I stared at Niki, wondering if he was Niki.. haha.. so yeah, we said hi.. then he saw us all at the alley and we chat abit..

So off to the game, ok, not ok, bad, good, ah crap.. well the game graph was so wierd.. its either u have a very good shot or a very bad shot.. at first i think i was doing well.. but after awhile, it got worse.. my throws kept on making sharp right turns.. sigh.. i was using the ball size 14 and 13, and as i got tired it went to 12 then 11 then finally 10.. lol.. so we had alot of fun as we did alot of crazy stuff.. the best was the last part, video will be up soon.. HAHA!!

so after making quite a mess we left the place discreetly, hoping we dont get caught.. haha.. so after we went to see some anime singer at anime tech.. well Yee Ming was really excited.. haha.. but from there we split and said bye as some of us had to go home.. Jie Cong followed me as he's going to the KTM station.. so while waiting for my parents, i took Jie Cong around as he has never been to SUnway Pyramid before.. lol.. well he stays in Selayang so yeah.. haha..

after all that when i got home, i called my girl to check on her and tried to help her in maths.. hard to help her as i was explaining on the phone.. but we had a nice chat, as always.. =D

well what a day.. my hands are tired of typing.. haha..

take care.. =)

Saturday, March 06, 2010

National Service

28 March.. thats the date im going off to Paya Indah.. well at first, at the beginning of the year, i was quite ok to go for NS.. but as the days passed it just fades and finally now when the results came out, im lazy to go.. but thx to google, i researched on that place and it seems to be not bad.. well i was looking at some pics, heres one

these photos are photos of a NS trainee 2 years back.. and it seems nice.. i kinda became excited about the camp.. well, thx for the photos.. copyright to the owner of the blog above..

well after that, i googled some more.. and the place seems to be not bad.. some say the facilities are not that good but the trainers are.. but that was like last year onwards.. this year could be different.. so yeah, hope our trainers will be nice people.. =) haha..

oh well, im going to be away for 3 months.. Away from my dear girl too.. (well ya, my family and my other friends also) sigh.. well i believe its good in a way to test our faithfulness, as both of us agreed on that idea.. so yeah.. hope during that time she aso gets to learn how to take care of herself.. i hope she will always be safe as shes gona be walking alone after school.. hmm.. still worried about that..

take care.. =/

Friday, March 05, 2010