Sunday, March 07, 2010

BRATs outing

haha.. what a day.. it started by waking up at 8.45.. as usual, shower and got ready and went to apollos to eat.. while eating, i kept looking out to check on the bus.. on my watch, 9.28 am the bus came.. i was still eating.. so alright then.. i havto wait another 30 min.. so after breakfast, i walked to school to drop by and see the scouts..

well today was their first meeting, quite late for one.. there were quite a number of people there but alot of familiar faces.. it was nice to see them again.. the scouts, we were like a family.. so yeah, i was hanging around with them and when my watch hit 9.50, i left to wait for the bus..

as i was walking out, yin ting and jia ying were at the waiting area.. i said hi and simply tapped Jia Ying on her left shoulder.. as i walked on, she looked to the right.. i was like, ur suppose to look to the left.. she said i saw someone walking by.. haha.. see.. Jia Ying is not as blur as someone.. haha.. xD

i still remember the time when i was stil schooling.. 'she' was walking at the assembly hall and i gave one whack on her back.. i stood on her right side, she looked back towards left and didnt see anyone.. so i continued walking beside her not till like 5 secs, she was like, eh, since when were u here? haha.. so blur la she.. xD

well anyways, right on time.. as i waited at the main road, the bus came within 2 minutes.. haha.. so lucky.. so when i arrived at Sunway Pyramid, i called Tristan.. well he did not pick up his phone.. so i just walked on to look for the extreme park.. then soon he called, and he said he will be late.. i asked him, u just woke up? and he was like, yeah.. sorry.. haha.. well its ok.. so i was on my own looking for the extreme park..

i went to the information counter to ask where the EP was.. they said walk to the entrance of the Lagoon Theme Park.. oh great, looks like we havto go in the park to get to EP.. so after some walking, me and Yee Ming and his friend took a shuttle to sunway medical.. The extreme park suppose to be there too.. well, no sign of it, we walked back to pyramid.. lol..

so soon we decided to wait for Tristan and the others had a snack first.. so soon Tristan came, then Jie Cong.. so then we were like, ah the shooting range is too far, just go lagoon la.. so we walked to the entrance, saw so many people there.. First Yee Ming said the ticket prices are cheap.. well to our surprise, it was RM 45 for 1 park per adult.. zzzz.. okok, turn back, lets go arcade instead.. haha...

so we played daytona and we were just guys having fun.. we crash like mad and all.. after a few games we played table hockey.. lol.. alot of times i scored into my own goal.. the chip is just so fast. haha..

hockey at the arcade.. lol..

well we played till Saren came, with his girlfriend, Rachel.. Quite interesting as they met in National Service.. haha.. they said he brought back a souvenir from NS, which is a girl.. haha.. well after that we had lunch in full house.. haha.. That place, well it was so different compared to any restaurant, and it was so white.. The food pricing was normal like any other restaurant.. Their menu was like a comic book.. haha.. well i took the set lunch, Rm16 for soup, big ice lemon tea and dory fish fillet and a dessert.. not so bad the food, not bad, not too god either, it was just ok.. the fish was kinda tasteless so i added tobasco sauce..

Jie Cong.. :D

Me and Tristan

The menu, looks like a magazine, but inside is also a comic.. haha..



my soup.. mushroom soop with some nuts(some kind of flat nuts).. quite good but nicer without the nuts.. haha..

Dory Fish Fillet with vege and mash potato..

Yee Ming and glass of Iced Lemon Tea... The lemon tea was good.. =)

When i was almost finished with my lunch, Marissa just arrived and she ate a large sandwich dish, which she thought will be small.. haha.. so at the same time, we discussed our ideas for the video competition.. after that, we went bowling=)

as we arrived at the bowling centre, it was quite full, we had to wait for 10 minutes to play, so we waited.. then we got 2 lanes as there were 6 of us.. So we changed shoes, and Marissa wore sandals, so no socks, and she had to wear those shoes without socks.. haha! so we were on the way to the alley 47 and 48.. as we walked, Tristan was in front of me.. from a distance, Niki Cheong was watching Tristan pass by.. then i stopped and I stared at Niki, wondering if he was Niki.. haha.. so yeah, we said hi.. then he saw us all at the alley and we chat abit..

So off to the game, ok, not ok, bad, good, ah crap.. well the game graph was so wierd.. its either u have a very good shot or a very bad shot.. at first i think i was doing well.. but after awhile, it got worse.. my throws kept on making sharp right turns.. sigh.. i was using the ball size 14 and 13, and as i got tired it went to 12 then 11 then finally 10.. lol.. so we had alot of fun as we did alot of crazy stuff.. the best was the last part, video will be up soon.. HAHA!!

so after making quite a mess we left the place discreetly, hoping we dont get caught.. haha.. so after we went to see some anime singer at anime tech.. well Yee Ming was really excited.. haha.. but from there we split and said bye as some of us had to go home.. Jie Cong followed me as he's going to the KTM station.. so while waiting for my parents, i took Jie Cong around as he has never been to SUnway Pyramid before.. lol.. well he stays in Selayang so yeah.. haha..

after all that when i got home, i called my girl to check on her and tried to help her in maths.. hard to help her as i was explaining on the phone.. but we had a nice chat, as always.. =D

well what a day.. my hands are tired of typing.. haha..

take care.. =)

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