Sunday, March 14, 2010

BRATs Penang 10'

Good day to you guys.. well i had to wake up today about 4 something am. It would take about 5 hours to drive up to Penang. I had to reach there before 12pm as im senioring the event. Sounds kinda being old isit? haha. well anyways it started off by reaching Cititel Penang at 11.15am. There was this girl at the lobby who kept looking at me as i had my BRATs tag on.. i was guessing, oh, this must be one of the participants. and yes, she was. but she was a senior too.

Her name is Tammy. At first i thought it was Teresa Goh as i saw my email from The Star.. lol.. so anyways, we went to the business center to meet Ivy. She was there and asked us to look for a bakery nearby. The lighthouse bakery, said to be located at the Oriental Hotel which was just across Cititel. But we both ended up walking all the way to the Eastern and Oriental Hotel. We asked around for the bakery and it was quite surprising that many people are not familiar with such bakery. It was a long and hot walk so in the end Ivy called us to come back.

As we arrived at the 3rd floor, we could see more BRATs participants mixing around. But Ivy wasnt really happy as everything was going slow. About 10 more participants were still missing, which came up after awhile. At the same time The Star crew arrived, and Niki was looking quite upset.. Must be the traffic stress i guess..

So it started off with the ice breaking activity but i couldnt join them as i was busy handling the registration and equipment. During the registration, i was helped by the seniors and Jessica Tan, who happends to be my brothers friend from the Ipoh workshop. Well anyways till then everything was getting smoother and an introduction to BRATs was held.

Lunch was soon after and we went down to eat. but as seniors, i stayed back to make sure the hall was lock as all our equipment were there.. At the same time we also had to make sure everyone arrives in time and all. Soon after lunch we went back to the hall and our sessions begun. and our last senior, Greg just arrived..

(Sorry guys its been a long day and its 1am now. im gona hit the bed and continue soon..)

The story continues...

As Greg arrived, we were sorting out the rooms. 2 people were set per room and only 2 rooms had 3 people. We tried to mix the races as Ivy told us to. We had the 6th floor of the hotel to stay and my room was 634.

Break was ready and we went to eat. It was the first day so people seem to be getting to know each other, but some are already friends thanks to the social network site, Facebook. The BRATs had already contacted each other before the camp.

The next session was about photography. Some photos were shown and the participants were thought on how to take photos- like rule of third and focusing - and they were given assignments to take a photo of 'green'.

They went around the hotel to take phots. After 10 minutes they went back to the hall to submit their photos. each person submitted one photo, which suppose to be their best photo.

Diner timeee... and James was talking about a joke on red balls.. lol..

At night, the BRATs had their video session, the introduction to multimedia. Tips and advises were given and in the end, they were given a try to be on camera. At first, most of them were not serious. But after some lecturing from Niki Cheong, they were serious. Alot of BRATs complain about them, but come on la, be real.. You go for a camp to learn and yes, have fun. But if your're not thought to be serious, you think u can learn from this camp? Niki Cheong and Ivy Soon are actually great people, thanks for your lessons from both Malacca and Penang camps.

back to rooms and lights out..

take care. =)

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