Saturday, March 06, 2010

National Service

28 March.. thats the date im going off to Paya Indah.. well at first, at the beginning of the year, i was quite ok to go for NS.. but as the days passed it just fades and finally now when the results came out, im lazy to go.. but thx to google, i researched on that place and it seems to be not bad.. well i was looking at some pics, heres one

these photos are photos of a NS trainee 2 years back.. and it seems nice.. i kinda became excited about the camp.. well, thx for the photos.. copyright to the owner of the blog above..

well after that, i googled some more.. and the place seems to be not bad.. some say the facilities are not that good but the trainers are.. but that was like last year onwards.. this year could be different.. so yeah, hope our trainers will be nice people.. =) haha..

oh well, im going to be away for 3 months.. Away from my dear girl too.. (well ya, my family and my other friends also) sigh.. well i believe its good in a way to test our faithfulness, as both of us agreed on that idea.. so yeah.. hope during that time she aso gets to learn how to take care of herself.. i hope she will always be safe as shes gona be walking alone after school.. hmm.. still worried about that..

take care.. =/

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