Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Penang BRATs

There's alot to say about this camp. but mostly are kept in memories. Its hard to just spill everything out here. Im now home, and wish im out there exploring the world as studies are haunting me. But the good memories chill me. Check out the Penang BRATs Tumblr @

Overall, this group of BRATs, even though they are not serious about their work, they are lively and happening. Yes, being serious gives good work in the end, not to say their work was bad, it just wasnt good enough, for example the videos and sound slides. mainly they did not have a theme to their video. 2nd is about the efforts. Sound and sight relate very well. If a person talks about something and whatever shown is different, it shows a confusion. For example, they introduced a person, but the picture shown at the same time was an altar, so it creates a confusion. And another thing about being serious in the work, some dont stick to their theme, and are trying to look for attention, like placing their names suddenly in between the videos, or placing bloopers in the videos. Yes, for some people its funny, but not most people. Take it seriously guys when your out there..

Camp is over and the BRATs take advantage of the time to take photos and get the contact details of their new friends and mostly, Niki Cheong, Ivy and Sharm. Then together we went for lunch at the corner coffee shop. Greg, Jessica Tan, Sharm and I had the Penang Char Koay Teow. Niki had the flat noodle Wan Tan Mee and Ivy had the ordinary Wan Tan Mee. We also ordered Lobak and shared.

Then, the 'Journey' begins.. about 1pm we left the hotel in a Toyota Unser. It was about a 5 hour journey. Me, Niki, Sharm, Sean and Jessica were together in the car. We talked and we sang songs - Malaysian Independence Day songs and random songs on the radio - and stopped by the Tapah rest area for some donuts and ice cream. We had a challenge, were not allowed to sleep during the Journey, and Sean Knocked out first.. hehe.. Actually at first Sharm fell asleep but she gave excuses saying she wasnt sleeping but just closing her eyes. And after Sean, was Jessica.. I was awake throughout the whole journey.. =)

I had a good time with them..

take care.. =D

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Himmat Singh said...

Haha nice man....good experience :)