Friday, March 19, 2010


After sooo long, i finally get to see her again.. (well fine, some other people had waited longer, hehe)

I arived Sunway at 9.30am and waited for her.. she came about 10. she sms-ed me asking where i was, but i told her to find me, and she did. i should have made it harder for her. =) on the spot after saying hi, we hugged. =D

so we went around, first stop, TGV cinema. We didnt know what movie to watch. She suggested Lovely Bones so i was quite curious about its story so i agreed. We took the couple seats as its just RM 1 extra each and really, it was worth it.. =)

movie, it was ok.. alot of suspense scenes. Tho abit weird, but it does have a lesson to learn.

So after the movie we went for lunch. Since its friday for this season, i only can eat fish but not lean meat. so i went to McD for a fillet o fish. i got the value meal and she got the ala carte so we shared the fries and the drink.

We then went around and finally sat somewhere for hours as we talked and talked and talked and took some photos together, finally.. =)

we had to go back soon but both our parents were going to be late so we then ate at Starbucks where Geoffrey was there. we took a donut and one ice blended choc. thanks geoffrey for making such a good drink. =)

we then went to JCo as her mom wanted some donuts too. =) then we had to go back, sadly. tho the time was short but it was great to see her again, especially i am going to NS soon..

take care.. =)


Roxanne said...

When you going ns?? :D

utmastertam said...

28 march.. lol..

Roxanne said...

That's like next week! :(

utmastertam said...

haha.. ya.. =(