Thursday, March 25, 2010

'Quite' a depressing moment

Hey guys, well so far i didnt update yet. Well these days, its getting boring, the internet. But yeah, recently i am in this video competition with Tristan Toh about the Malaysian Hospitality. It took 2 days to shoot, the first day was because the camera had not enough battery and the guy lost his charger. The second, we got a different camcorder and everything was fine, but not quite. So the editing went well. Me and Tristan thought it was good, but after some commenting by others and personal views, not that good actually. Our main point couldn't be seen. Its abit hidden, and yes, if you open your eyes, the main point is in the video, but you have to really observe.

Well good luck for that, but next is about Form 6. Now to think about it, you cant apply but be offered. So, what happends if i dont get offered? Most likely i go to UTAR, or maybe its the end, i gota start working already. Well regrets, yeah. Studying in form 5 was actually way much fun. Now im studying SAT and its really boring. I dont have the initiative to study that, but i have to so i can get a scholarship. Thats my second chance. But it looks like its not going to be easy. Well i heard theres alot of time during National Service. Hope i get the time to study there.

Speaking of National Service, i got my letters already today. Im going off already this Sunday. Not really excited for it. Things this week just dont seem to work, like the CD's my bro gave me, and being away from my girl. Hope she takes good care always and studies while im away. In a way, she has more time to study. At least we can call on the weekends.

Well what else can i say? This seems quite depressing to me...

take care.. =/

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