Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Result

Well many people said they couldnt sleep the night before, but for me, i was too tired and i just fell asleep..

it was 8.29am and i planned to go to school at 9am to meet up with my friends.. So i went straight to the shower and drank i cup of mocha before going school. The reason why i was going to school was because my SPM results were going to be released.. Nervous? not yet at that moment..

When i reached school, i walked around the foyer C and see no one around yet.. Funny how last year, alot came early. I also met a few of my old school friends who are still schooling at the moment.. So i just waited at the canteen and i ate some tom yam noodles from the canteen, yuck.. no wonder i dont miss school food.. lol.. that time i was aso with Ganesha.

We moved back to the foyer C after breakfast and met up with Fahmi. Soon one by one more people came, and soon, the whole place was flooded with people.. Our results were suppose to be released at 10am. but somehow, as usual, it came about 10.45am. well my results i oni gor 8A and 3B (all mixed with A+, A, A-, B+ and B) which is not so well.. My bro said it was 'quite' good.. others were just ok. Well Yen Li seemed very happy about it.. but i wasnt really. well maybe its because with that result i failed to get my JPA scholarship. The m for that scholarship is 9A (of any A)..

So well i guess i'll be going Form 6 with Robyn.. Most probably i will be going to SMK Seafield..

So after we got the results, i walked Yen Li back to her class and had a little chat.. Soon i went back down. Me and my friends planned to go out. So me, robyn, keenan, voon hoe, sing ee, alenxia, li faung, kelly and wai yin went to Pyramid to eat lunch. We went to some pasta shop with all pastas.. Nothing special except vandalising Voon Hoe's food with chilli and cheese.. lol.. Then after, the guys went to Red Box and Sing Ee and Wai Yin joined us.. the other girls went for ice skating.. We finished about 5pm. But Sing Ee had to go back early as she got a headache. Form Red Box i went back to Pyramid at one of the Pharmacys to get a panadol and a bottle of water. But soon after, she went back home.

After some shouting, we went to Sunway Club for badminton. play play and play.. then go gym and used the punching bag till i bled inside my hand.. lol.. Voon Hoe thought me some ways to punch.. Quite interesting.. After we went to play badminton again and went to shower..

We went back to Pyramid to have dinner. But before that, Robyn had to go back. Soon, we went to some Nasi Kandar restaurant. Before entering, I called Geoffrey if he wanted to join us.. He was on his way back so we waited for him. In about 15 minutes, Geoffrey arrived. He just came back from KL for his Starbucks training. We went for dinner after.. I ate Tandoori and Naan, which i havent eaten for 2 years i think.. I also took a can of 100plus cos i was quite tired, and the total bill was RM 10.50.. not bad for one whole chicken. It was mostly filling.

Dinner was done and Keenan's Pastor was waiting for us at starbucks. I tink he was Pastor Tim. But before that i went to Popular bookstore to find a wall calendar for my video which i will be recording tomorrow. Then i joined the others soon after.

It was the first time i met Pastor Tim. He was pleasant and very, chilled? i think thats the word.. haha.. (oh this is my first haha in the post.. lol..) so we had a chat and i had to go back soon cause it was getting late.. it was already past 10.. So then, we went back..

Oh and thx to Voon Hoe who has driven us, Robyn for paying for lunch and Keenan who payed for the Sunway Club visitor fees.

take care..

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