Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Semester Break from Service


Name: Andrian Tam Wae Jih

Hometown: Subang Jaya, Selangor

DOB: 18 December 1992

Camp: Paya Indah Camp, Banting

Company: Bravo

Dorm: Wira2

Posts: Dorm Head

Well this post is about National Service. Well most people say its a waste of time, money or just a waste. But going to the camp, you'll be surprised. Never go, never know. The camp is quite good in a way. The activities you do are beneficial, and each activity has its conclusion. Not such a waste after all. But the food there, no comments lah.. xD

Its been a month there and these are the few activities we had:

  1. Character Building classes
  2. We Promise Contract (Kontrak Kita Janji/ KKJ)
  3. Creative Games
  4. Water activities (Bouancy Aid Confidence, Kayaking and Rafting)
  5. Marching
  6. Obstacle Course
  7. Low rope games (Tali Rendah)
  8. Seminars
More activities are to come after the break. Well im suppose to go form 6, but i'll be skipping 3 weeks of that as i have to finish my 60 minimum days of camp to get my certs. 

Well personally, alot of unnecessary things happened here. My dorm, tho troublesome but it made alot of memories. 'Speaker ini bagus' . This was when a phone was stolen. Haha. Then from then on became 'keeper ini bagus' for Izhar who was Bravo's football team goal keeper which showed good goal keeping skills.. Alot of words also formed from these words.. haha..

Well this 1 month has done good to me.. alot of mistakes were done but learnt.. If your name is in, i do suggest you go for this camp.. =)

take care.. =)