Monday, May 31, 2010

Nikon S570

12.0 effective megapixels, 5x zoom, 2.7 inch LCD. Thats the highlights of this camera by Nikon. But personally, i like the lens.. its a wide lens so u can take more than u actually want. i have no idea how to measure it but its big. For example, I could get the entire doorway of the Pavilion shopping mall and 2/5 of the pic is actually the floor. Note that some photos are edited. Photos are edited to show artistic capabilities.

Main entrance of The Pavilion Shopping Mall (exposure edited)

These are example of pics.. Well funny thing is that this camera does'nt have a battery indicator not till the battery is low. So you cant watch the usage of the camera. So the situation is like, you use the camera alot and u still need it for the rest of the day and in the middle of the day finally the indicator of the camera comes out and says your battery is low.

The camera is basically very basic. Good for first time photographers as everything is auto. The camera also helps you alot with different scene modes like night, beach and surf, sports, sunset, food and much more. It even has a panaroma assist so you can take really wide or long photos.

The camera also has a smart portrait, which i havent used, and so as the video. But im already happy with the pictures that are produced by the camera. If you are a first time photographer, I recommend this camera.

Lot 10 shopping mall

B-boys at Bukit Bintang (colour and contras edited)

Light trails

Fountain in front of Pavilion (exposure edited)

Inside Pavilion

No balance of objects, art technique (removed colour)

Angle technique (colour edited, note the green)

Shutter tricks with lights

The night from the 6th floor of Lot 10

Im not really a good photographer yet so yeah.. xD

Take care.. =)

Mua Haha!

This is one of the best opportunities and experience in my life.. =)

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Youth 10', a new experience of my life..

So i went to the Putra World Trade Center to meet Tristan Toh and Saren for the youth festival. As i was getting my passes, a guy name Feeq went to join Tristan. He was a blogger and photographer with alot of experience. With him was Jonathan and Jeremy, who were bloggers, travelers, photographers and journalists. Without meeting these people, Youth 10' will be nothing to me. We went for lunch together at McDonalds and we talked alot about photography and journalism.

We went back to the event after lunch and Jeremy told me and Tristan that we can get Media passes as we have our official BRATs tags. So we did and got them. But yeah, problem is my camera is a compact camera and is useless in low light conditions. lucky for me Jeremy was lazy and lent me his Canon 40D. Throughout the whole event, i was with other big time photographers taking photos with it. I even took close up pictures of Dato' Siti Nurhaliza in the event. During the launch i was up with the media and went for the press conference. It was a good experience. But soon after Jeremy wanted his camera back so yeah, from then on, no camera and my photos are with him. Well nevermind, got the experience so im happy with it. But i wish i had my own DSLR that i could take all this. I missed alot cos the disabilities of my current camera. oh well...

So the next day, i continued, not taking photos but doing coverage on the event. I was able to interview people, go around catching the proper time to go for events and meet people. It was a good experience too as i go around meeting new people and hearing their experiences. Im not going to say much because its too much to write.

Journalism is hectic but its awesome.

Thanks to Jeremy for the camera and advise to get a media tag. Thanks to The Star Publications for giving me a chance to be a young journalist.

Take care.. =)

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Something else on my mind bothering me but wont say it here..

The roads of life..

Gosh.. been upset for awhile which got me thinking and thinking.. finally it reached to this topic.. what do i really want? Engineering? or journalism? I kinda realised that im not the science type of person.. I like going around, learning new things and socializing, see new things and meet new people..

So whats up for engineering? well stay in a lab working on some science stuff? or calculating lots and lots of equations? yeah, engineers do go out for field work too, but not that much exposure compared to a journalist isit? well what else? higher pay? not really 'on call'.. maybe more time if you have a family*, maybe? what do you think?

Alright so how about journalism? go out alot. Well i like photography alot. well, see hear smell taste n feel more? learn stories of other people, events. hear peoples experiences of their life, or something. Well maybe a lower pay and always on call. but the fun is maybe more. but how about if you want a family* of your own, will there be enough time for them?

*(well not saying i will have a family la but i plan to. Some of you may think that i think to far, but this post is about where my life will go.. )

So please, tell me what you think.. my knowledge isint enough for me to plan my life.. thx..

take care.. =S

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Youth Festival 2010

Hey guys,

on the 28 to the 30th of May will be the Youth Festival in PWTC. be sure to attend and experience shopping, sports, conference, music and much more.. =) tickets now are free while stocks last.. after that its rm20 for a full pass (with conference) or rm 5 for full 3 day pass without conference.. =)

for more details, go to

and dont forget to join =)

take care.. =)

Form 6

Well as seen at the topic above, im in form 6.. =) im enrolled in smk seafield.. well they say its a good school, which i think it is.. its been 4 days and things seem organised.. =) well for the lessons, omg damn hard.. lol.. but besides that, hope the koko will get me chilled.. i joined the dancing club as i want to take up something different, and theres a coach, so i guess it will be good.. kadet bomba and hopefully badminton i joined. badminton was full but i really want to play badminton. i submitted my name so hope its in.. =)

well overall, form 6 is hard.. its time to get serious in studies, cos its not easy catching up and the lessons are hard.. im in the science stream taking physics, chem, MUET, Pengajian Am and Maths.. tough and tough stuff.. haha.. well im just going to do my best.. =)

hmm.. well personally in life, im just upset about 1 thing.. well i know i should be lucky with what i already have.. but these few things, i wish i have..
1. DSLR camera
2. a drumset
3. a car and license
camera.. why cant i get it.. well i asked my mom about a car and she said we can afford one but my dad just doesnt want me to drive n get a car.. they say im 'too young'.. damn, check out the other people around me driving.. makes me feel so small.. well anyways, fine no car.. but a dslr aso canot.. photography is a passion.. its something i really like.. it could be a career too.. but my parents say its expensive.. they aso say if i upgrade to dslr, i would want to upgrade more n all.. well maybe but the main point is just to have a dslr cos a basic dslr already can do way more things than a normal compact camera.. hmm.. drumset understandable, expensive, loud, noisy n house no space.. but the others, y not.. if i could get a car, it would be so convenient to travel around and dun havto depend on other people for transport.. and yeah, 'she; got her licence already and she even got her car to share with her mom.. what am i as her guy can do to bring her out? i cant even drive.. shes the one whos gona bring me out instead.. *sigh*

take care.. =/

*hope to see her soon anyways.. =)*

Monday, May 10, 2010

Not a fourian anymore.. xD

Haha.. im enrolled to form 6 in SMK Seafield now.. but im going to go class in a months time as i have to finish my PLKN..

take care.. =)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

a long sick week..

Hey, im back to attend my Form 6 orientation in SMK Seafield.. Well according to the title, yeah. i was having cough and fever for, actually more than a week.. Im at home now with hopes to recover. Well meanwhile for this week, we didnt do much at camp, Just 'kelas integrasi' which i skipped alot cos i was sick and was in the camp clinic.. till today im still sick..

Me and Kavi

Though i was sick, i still went for my kayak competition.. I played for Bravo.. In the first round, it decides whether we go for the finals or to know who gets the 3rd and 4th place.. well my team won the first round.. I joined the doubles with Kavi, and Azwan and Hadi were in the other kayak.. its a tag team race. so then we went into the finals against Delta. we lost that round which makes us overall 2nd place.. won a pouch bag.. not bad in a way.. but it was so hot a headache struck me badly even i was having fever that time.. lol.. well anyways, i think and hope i am recovering.. 

Take care.. =) *cough, cough* xD