Thursday, May 20, 2010

Form 6

Well as seen at the topic above, im in form 6.. =) im enrolled in smk seafield.. well they say its a good school, which i think it is.. its been 4 days and things seem organised.. =) well for the lessons, omg damn hard.. lol.. but besides that, hope the koko will get me chilled.. i joined the dancing club as i want to take up something different, and theres a coach, so i guess it will be good.. kadet bomba and hopefully badminton i joined. badminton was full but i really want to play badminton. i submitted my name so hope its in.. =)

well overall, form 6 is hard.. its time to get serious in studies, cos its not easy catching up and the lessons are hard.. im in the science stream taking physics, chem, MUET, Pengajian Am and Maths.. tough and tough stuff.. haha.. well im just going to do my best.. =)

hmm.. well personally in life, im just upset about 1 thing.. well i know i should be lucky with what i already have.. but these few things, i wish i have..
1. DSLR camera
2. a drumset
3. a car and license
camera.. why cant i get it.. well i asked my mom about a car and she said we can afford one but my dad just doesnt want me to drive n get a car.. they say im 'too young'.. damn, check out the other people around me driving.. makes me feel so small.. well anyways, fine no car.. but a dslr aso canot.. photography is a passion.. its something i really like.. it could be a career too.. but my parents say its expensive.. they aso say if i upgrade to dslr, i would want to upgrade more n all.. well maybe but the main point is just to have a dslr cos a basic dslr already can do way more things than a normal compact camera.. hmm.. drumset understandable, expensive, loud, noisy n house no space.. but the others, y not.. if i could get a car, it would be so convenient to travel around and dun havto depend on other people for transport.. and yeah, 'she; got her licence already and she even got her car to share with her mom.. what am i as her guy can do to bring her out? i cant even drive.. shes the one whos gona bring me out instead.. *sigh*

take care.. =/

*hope to see her soon anyways.. =)*

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