Sunday, June 06, 2010

Jeevan's Farewell

Soooooooooooooo... Jeevan is off to Penang to go for college there at some Japanese college. So farewell for him. I woke up and got ready and all, went to Pyramid and met up with Debbie and Sheila. I walked to the skating rink from the malls main entrance to find out that they went to the main entrance. Lol. well anyway we met up at starbucks and went to a&w for breakfast. The 2 of them took waffles and i already ate before i came. So i was messing around with my camera.

Debbie and Sheila with waffles..

Jeevan and Reuben..

Soon Jevan, Reuben and Mirshal came. Sheila was done so she went with me to the guitar shop to get some guitar picks. Soon after we went back up and Reuben just said he was about to follow us to the guitar shop. Well anyway at that time, some crazyness happened as somebody didnt know how to on the water tap at a&w. They almost damaged it. well thank God no.. haha..

The scene of the almost broken tap.. haha.. 

Well again, soon after we met up with a few others. Im not sure of their names but i know one of them was Shi Yun. So together we went to the cinema to check out for viewing times.. We wanted to watch Prince of Persia but ended up not watching. We went arcade instead. Crazyness happened again.. lol..

Either blue movie or gaming.. xD

We looked for lunch and i dont know why we went to Jusco to buy sushi. I dont know whos idea was it but err, Jusco's sushi is not worth it.. lol.. Went to Wendy's after that till i got a call from my parents. I had to go back to off the aircond as my parents forgot to off it. They were rushing to go for a function. So me, Debbie and Sheila went off, first to Sheila's house to get her guitar for me to set up her pickup, which cant really be used as her strings are too low and it touches the pickup.. so anyway, we jammed abit then teach debbie abit of guitar.. haha.. Then we went back to sunway..

(Shiela Video in the previous post)

We saw a car accident on the way. Sheila said got alot of blood. I saw alot of fuel so we rushed away.. So reaching the car park, *&%&%*%&^&$&(%*)%*^ no parking...

Round and round Debbie went but we had a good chat too..haha.. well finally we had a parking space, actually 3 but Debbie didnt like the area.. She almost sped off.. Sheila and I shouted at her then she was like okok! haha.. She so lazy to walk wan.. xD

Debbie bought Pretzils? Pretzels? oh the Google spell check said Pretzels is the spelling.. lol.. that was her lunch, at around 4pm. oh and sadly Reuben had to go that time.. Oh well.. We met up with our friends again and they decided to eat out for dinner. I didnt follow as i had someone else to meet.. =)

i like this photo, alot of people do.. =)
take care.. =)

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