Sunday, May 09, 2010

a long sick week..

Hey, im back to attend my Form 6 orientation in SMK Seafield.. Well according to the title, yeah. i was having cough and fever for, actually more than a week.. Im at home now with hopes to recover. Well meanwhile for this week, we didnt do much at camp, Just 'kelas integrasi' which i skipped alot cos i was sick and was in the camp clinic.. till today im still sick..

Me and Kavi

Though i was sick, i still went for my kayak competition.. I played for Bravo.. In the first round, it decides whether we go for the finals or to know who gets the 3rd and 4th place.. well my team won the first round.. I joined the doubles with Kavi, and Azwan and Hadi were in the other kayak.. its a tag team race. so then we went into the finals against Delta. we lost that round which makes us overall 2nd place.. won a pouch bag.. not bad in a way.. but it was so hot a headache struck me badly even i was having fever that time.. lol.. well anyways, i think and hope i am recovering.. 

Take care.. =) *cough, cough* xD

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