Monday, May 31, 2010

Nikon S570

12.0 effective megapixels, 5x zoom, 2.7 inch LCD. Thats the highlights of this camera by Nikon. But personally, i like the lens.. its a wide lens so u can take more than u actually want. i have no idea how to measure it but its big. For example, I could get the entire doorway of the Pavilion shopping mall and 2/5 of the pic is actually the floor. Note that some photos are edited. Photos are edited to show artistic capabilities.

Main entrance of The Pavilion Shopping Mall (exposure edited)

These are example of pics.. Well funny thing is that this camera does'nt have a battery indicator not till the battery is low. So you cant watch the usage of the camera. So the situation is like, you use the camera alot and u still need it for the rest of the day and in the middle of the day finally the indicator of the camera comes out and says your battery is low.

The camera is basically very basic. Good for first time photographers as everything is auto. The camera also helps you alot with different scene modes like night, beach and surf, sports, sunset, food and much more. It even has a panaroma assist so you can take really wide or long photos.

The camera also has a smart portrait, which i havent used, and so as the video. But im already happy with the pictures that are produced by the camera. If you are a first time photographer, I recommend this camera.

Lot 10 shopping mall

B-boys at Bukit Bintang (colour and contras edited)

Light trails

Fountain in front of Pavilion (exposure edited)

Inside Pavilion

No balance of objects, art technique (removed colour)

Angle technique (colour edited, note the green)

Shutter tricks with lights

The night from the 6th floor of Lot 10

Im not really a good photographer yet so yeah.. xD

Take care.. =)

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