Saturday, May 29, 2010

The roads of life..

Gosh.. been upset for awhile which got me thinking and thinking.. finally it reached to this topic.. what do i really want? Engineering? or journalism? I kinda realised that im not the science type of person.. I like going around, learning new things and socializing, see new things and meet new people..

So whats up for engineering? well stay in a lab working on some science stuff? or calculating lots and lots of equations? yeah, engineers do go out for field work too, but not that much exposure compared to a journalist isit? well what else? higher pay? not really 'on call'.. maybe more time if you have a family*, maybe? what do you think?

Alright so how about journalism? go out alot. Well i like photography alot. well, see hear smell taste n feel more? learn stories of other people, events. hear peoples experiences of their life, or something. Well maybe a lower pay and always on call. but the fun is maybe more. but how about if you want a family* of your own, will there be enough time for them?

*(well not saying i will have a family la but i plan to. Some of you may think that i think to far, but this post is about where my life will go.. )

So please, tell me what you think.. my knowledge isint enough for me to plan my life.. thx..

take care.. =S

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