Sunday, May 30, 2010

Youth 10', a new experience of my life..

So i went to the Putra World Trade Center to meet Tristan Toh and Saren for the youth festival. As i was getting my passes, a guy name Feeq went to join Tristan. He was a blogger and photographer with alot of experience. With him was Jonathan and Jeremy, who were bloggers, travelers, photographers and journalists. Without meeting these people, Youth 10' will be nothing to me. We went for lunch together at McDonalds and we talked alot about photography and journalism.

We went back to the event after lunch and Jeremy told me and Tristan that we can get Media passes as we have our official BRATs tags. So we did and got them. But yeah, problem is my camera is a compact camera and is useless in low light conditions. lucky for me Jeremy was lazy and lent me his Canon 40D. Throughout the whole event, i was with other big time photographers taking photos with it. I even took close up pictures of Dato' Siti Nurhaliza in the event. During the launch i was up with the media and went for the press conference. It was a good experience. But soon after Jeremy wanted his camera back so yeah, from then on, no camera and my photos are with him. Well nevermind, got the experience so im happy with it. But i wish i had my own DSLR that i could take all this. I missed alot cos the disabilities of my current camera. oh well...

So the next day, i continued, not taking photos but doing coverage on the event. I was able to interview people, go around catching the proper time to go for events and meet people. It was a good experience too as i go around meeting new people and hearing their experiences. Im not going to say much because its too much to write.

Journalism is hectic but its awesome.

Thanks to Jeremy for the camera and advise to get a media tag. Thanks to The Star Publications for giving me a chance to be a young journalist.

Take care.. =)

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