Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yong Keat's 18th Birthday

Debbie's Car

Jeevan and Sheila

Yong Keat's Birthday gift from Debbie

We the Kings..

Err, the sandwich err.. xD

I dont know what happened here,

but someone got in trouble,

and another also with a family laughing behind there..

Surprise! xD

Aww.. =)

Yeah Sheroz popped it and scared himself.. xD


Happy Birthday Yong Keat!

Short synopsis..

  1. Some stress driving
  2. Got lost in Kota Kemuning
  3. Went Reuben's House
  4. Went Yong Keat's house
  5. Went to 7-11
  6. Went to the lake
  7. ate and sang songs and played
  8. moved to pondok
  9. Happy Birthday Song
  10. Blow Candles
  11. Basketball
  12. Dunking Cake
Sorry, no tome to blog.. xD

Take Care.. =)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here i go, scream my lungs out trying to get to you.. You are my only one ~~~

Thats my phone ringtone.. I got a call from Debbie to go out for lunch today, so my mom said can. Jeevan picked me up with Debbie and Sheila in the car. We went to the Garden food court in Taipan USJ. We got a parking, ordered food and waited for Reuben and Yong Keat. They really took long to come, but they stay in Kota Kemuning la so its ok.

We ordered 4 claypot chicken rice and it came, so we decided not to eat till the others arrived. But it took quite awhile that Jeean started eating. Then Sheila was taking bit by bit of rice and finally i also ate. Was hungry. xD

So they came with another guy. Err forgot his real name but he prefers to be called 'teats'. Err, yeah. you know whats that. He actually was my tuition mate for Pn. Poh. So we ate and thought of going jamming but the usual studio, the Rythimix was close. Sheila said Music Walk had one. but they close down (the jamming studio) due to alot of damages. Oh well, all went to my house for some jamming. I had 2 guitars, Sheila's guitar was also at my house since last last Saturday and Debbie brought her guitar. So we jammed, with 4 guitars and my REMO drum pad.

Soon Aivee came and Sheila had to do the video project in my house. They needed some assistance so we talked about it. The others left about 4pm. Aivee and Sheila left at 5 with Debbie, but i walked with Debbie to her house with my bike. We chat abit, then i went off to see if Keenan was around and he just came back from church camp. Nice timing.

We chat awhile till Debbie called me to say that she left her glasses in my house. So me and Keenan walked to my house, then to Debbie's house. Small reunion it was as Keenan and Debbie were classmates in primary school. Well around 7 I had to go back so yeah. What a day.. =)

Take care.. =)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Youth 10' follow up

I'm still tracking the photos i took with Jeremy's camera.. but i got 1 photo from Feeq (

gosh im still bald.. xD

Copyright of photo to him.. 

take care.. =)

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Jeevan's Farewell

Soooooooooooooo... Jeevan is off to Penang to go for college there at some Japanese college. So farewell for him. I woke up and got ready and all, went to Pyramid and met up with Debbie and Sheila. I walked to the skating rink from the malls main entrance to find out that they went to the main entrance. Lol. well anyway we met up at starbucks and went to a&w for breakfast. The 2 of them took waffles and i already ate before i came. So i was messing around with my camera.

Debbie and Sheila with waffles..

Jeevan and Reuben..

Soon Jevan, Reuben and Mirshal came. Sheila was done so she went with me to the guitar shop to get some guitar picks. Soon after we went back up and Reuben just said he was about to follow us to the guitar shop. Well anyway at that time, some crazyness happened as somebody didnt know how to on the water tap at a&w. They almost damaged it. well thank God no.. haha..

The scene of the almost broken tap.. haha.. 

Well again, soon after we met up with a few others. Im not sure of their names but i know one of them was Shi Yun. So together we went to the cinema to check out for viewing times.. We wanted to watch Prince of Persia but ended up not watching. We went arcade instead. Crazyness happened again.. lol..

Either blue movie or gaming.. xD

We looked for lunch and i dont know why we went to Jusco to buy sushi. I dont know whos idea was it but err, Jusco's sushi is not worth it.. lol.. Went to Wendy's after that till i got a call from my parents. I had to go back to off the aircond as my parents forgot to off it. They were rushing to go for a function. So me, Debbie and Sheila went off, first to Sheila's house to get her guitar for me to set up her pickup, which cant really be used as her strings are too low and it touches the pickup.. so anyway, we jammed abit then teach debbie abit of guitar.. haha.. Then we went back to sunway..

(Shiela Video in the previous post)

We saw a car accident on the way. Sheila said got alot of blood. I saw alot of fuel so we rushed away.. So reaching the car park, *&%&%*%&^&$&(%*)%*^ no parking...

Round and round Debbie went but we had a good chat too..haha.. well finally we had a parking space, actually 3 but Debbie didnt like the area.. She almost sped off.. Sheila and I shouted at her then she was like okok! haha.. She so lazy to walk wan.. xD

Debbie bought Pretzils? Pretzels? oh the Google spell check said Pretzels is the spelling.. lol.. that was her lunch, at around 4pm. oh and sadly Reuben had to go that time.. Oh well.. We met up with our friends again and they decided to eat out for dinner. I didnt follow as i had someone else to meet.. =)

i like this photo, alot of people do.. =)
take care.. =)


This is Sheila.. Shes good on the guitar and i believe she deserves to be known.. =)

Friday, June 04, 2010

Buying a Camera Guide

Need a camera? Want to take photos or videos? Too many cameras in the market? Dont know what to choose?

Well I think i have the solution.. 

First of all, do you know much about photography? Aperture? Shutter speed? Lighting? angles? Well it always depends on the individual..

1. If you are taking up photography classes, i recommend to get a semi good camera, most likely a DSLR, those big bulky ones.. Like Canon 500D or Pentax K-x.. This is because after classes, you gain useful photography skills that may be practiced on DSLR's.. 

2. Plan to learn photography on your own or the budget way? Basic DSLR's are for sale like Pentax K-1000 or the Pentax K-m (same model but different names in different regions.), Nikon D3000 or the Canon 1000D. These are the cheapest DSLR's in the market. they serve good functions as a DSLR like any other ones, but lose out in specs. 

3. Planning to go cheaper? Compact cameras are also good, though not as good as DSLR's but they can create photo frames (great pictures). Some compact cameras have manual modes like a DSLR, like the Pentax Optio A30 or A40. Well you can also use this if you want to have a light camera and not a bulky one..

4. Dont know anything about photography and just need to take photos, just use a compact camera that just takes photos. I dont recommend handphone cameras as its image sensor is not good and its lens is not good too, even if the megapixel number is high. 

To be on the safe side, buy the cheapest but good camera so you dont lose out. Top brands are Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Pentax.

If you plan to make videos, just buy a camcorder as it records better quality videos compared to a compact camera. Some camcorders do have photo mode. I do not own a camcorder so i dont have much to say about it. But if youre interested in videos more than photography, get a camcorder. 

Take care.. =)

Life that changes me =)

I always thought, why cant i get this or that.. Why others can but not me.. Well i guess its just their luck.. I have learnt to let go and accept my own life, and it has been better.. thinking positive really works.. it makes you feel better.. Now, I feel as if i have just gone into a new stage of life.. It gets harder, but i face it harder too.. 

Like today, SOMEBODY was suppose to fetch me and sheila to school.. 6.45am..... 6.55..... 7am.... 7.05... no sign of her car.. called 3 times and no respond.. Finally i called shiela and her mom took her to school already.. So my dad suppose to take me to school then but robyn came by.. he actually wasnt going to school today so i told him that he dont have to fetch me as he stays in puchong.. but he went to usj 4 school for the choir thing which i forgot.. so he took me.. 

The traffic was really terrible at that time so i told him that he can go to usj 4 and i'll just walk to school.. He has a bus to catch at 7.30 and he wouldnt be in school in time if he sent me to seafield.. So i walked, in the rain, about a 2km hike.. Took me about 20 mins to arrive.. Was partially wet n sick and my name was written by the prefect on duty as i went in late to school. Oh well its ok.. i was happy to walk also.. with the fresh air and all.. been some time since i felt that.. haha.. 

then school was as usual.. but after school i followed a few friends to the summit bus stop.. we took the bus to go to kl.. U63 Rapid KL.. at first the bus was right in front of us and about to leave.. he told us to go wait for the next one.. wth? well fine.. but then these 2 guys got off the taxi and was able to get up on the bus.. so we also lah.. wierdo.. 

so we took the bus all the way to pasar seni, went to eat, met kok tong's friend, went to yakin tuition, then went to popular bookstore as it was still early then went to kasturi for pa tuition.. 

*tuition.... study... listen... write... study.. .*

then it was already 4.20pm and i had to tell my girl that we cnt go out on mon as i have replacement class.. well hopefully we can go out on thurs.. so i walked to the KTM station to go back home.. I didnt know, the center coach is only for females.. lol.. well anyway, the train came in time and i went off to subang just to wait for the bus for 45 mins.. haha.. means i got off the ktm station and waited for the bus to go home for 45 mins.. haha.. but it finally was a good experience for me.. Feel like ive grown up but i know there alot more in life.. well anyways, always think positive.. i always complain which made me feel down or upset cos i dont have a car, but now i understand.. my family really cant afford much.. so those rich people out there, good for you.. haha.. 

take care.. =)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Youth '10 article

A total of 88,366 People at Youth 10’

One day I was on the net and I saw this line going around Facebook and Twitter, 'Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival'. Youth 10' was promoted so widely and quickly that so many youths including me were aware of the event. News travels very rapid in the social media. That's what Niki Cheong said in his conference session in Youth 10'.

So what happened? The event started on the 28th of May at 10a.m. but the opening ceremony started at 3.30p.m. The Youth and Sports Minister, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Dato' Siti Nurhaliza came to enlighten the event during the opening. On Saturday, Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat whom is the Minister of Transport came to have a look on the event which was going on.

Meanwhile, tons of activities went around the clock for 3 days. Youths get to participate in sport activities such as basketball, take on dance challenges, rock on stage in the battle of the bands, learn on Rubik's secrets at the discovery festival, shop at stalls and warehouse sales and see the latest promotions by various companies. But the best part of the event is the inspiring talks by the many successful youths and people who made a difference.

Youths these days have to endure life which is tough and its forum and talks like these which strengthen us to persevere and break through our problems. "We must have the humility to learn, don't blame others. Learn from our own failures," says Roshan Thiran, the founder of Leaderonomics. Such quotes tell us to be more open. We can’t always play the blame game as we will not learn anything.

I also dropped by a Quit Smoking booth and had the chance to interview the President of the Malaysian Women's Action for Tobacco Control and Health organisation (MyWATCH), Dato' Hatijah Ayob. She says that the youths are not aware on the effects of smoking towards themselves, others and also the environment. Some people believe that smoking outside the house won’t harm their loved ones who are in the house. But cigarette particles are so fine that when they land on the smokers T-shirt, it can still be consumed by others via inhalation even when the smoker is not smoking. People are also being cheated by cigarette companies because a cigarette contains nicotine which addicts a person. When you start, there’s no stop. And at the same time, smokers are constantly burning their money to the cigarette companies. Therefore, awareness on the dangers of cigarettes is given to youths through this event. Even if we don't smoke, others who smoke harm us.

Besides that, Youth 10' rekindles the spirit of sports and teamwork between teens. Basketball and futsal competitions were held as great prizes were to be won. According to a basketball player from SMK Telok Datok, Teaw Zhan Yang who is 18 said that he can interact and share experiences between other players in a basketball tournament. Basketball gives him the spirit to fight till the end and he learns good values too.

Soon after, I dropped by the music section of the event and happen to see an awesome band performing. They were the Black Light Banquet. They performed 5 songs, 3 written and composed by themselves and 2 covers. These guys are not full time musicians but have big dreams. For Adrian Tan who is the lead singer says that the Youth 10' is a great opportunity for unheard or indie bands to perform and to get known. The youths there were also enthusiastic to wave hands, shout and sing along the songs played. This is the energy that we seek for in our youths these days.

Cool hip hop dances hit the dance floor as dancers gathered around to take on dance challenges. Showdown 2010 also performed there. Dancers share and exchange their tips and tricks on the dance floor. Traditional dances were also performed on stage.

There were also a wide spread of exhibitions by various companies like Canon, which was selling cameras at a cheaper price and promoting their new photo album for sale a.k.a. Canon fotobook. Celcom promoted their prepaid packages for youths like University of X (U.O.X.) which gives low call and sms rates.

The sales section was very big. Many of the clothing's were sold for warehouse price and shoes were as cheap as RM10. Some stalls sold handicraft items and custom made items where you can write your name on metal plates. You can even get a temporary tattoo there.

At the discovery section, youths get to learn and play. There was a big chess board and pieces, pick up sticks and also archery. Youths also joined the Rubik's and cosplay workshop. With the discovery section, the teens get to learn new things that are hard to find around.

From my point of view, Youth 10' was a success. Over 18 000 youths attended this event on Friday itself and on Saturday, there were more than 23 000 visitors and finally by Sunday, a total number of 88 366 people attended this event which actually reached the goal of Youth Asia, the organizers which was 70 000. This information was given by the Jasmine Ng who was the Public Relations Associate of Youth Asia. Youths from all races together participated and supported the event. Youth volunteers also worked together to make this event a success. A lot of experience could be gained from this event. Therefore I'm looking forward to Youth 11' which is said to be bigger than this event.

By Andrian Tam.