Friday, June 04, 2010

Buying a Camera Guide

Need a camera? Want to take photos or videos? Too many cameras in the market? Dont know what to choose?

Well I think i have the solution.. 

First of all, do you know much about photography? Aperture? Shutter speed? Lighting? angles? Well it always depends on the individual..

1. If you are taking up photography classes, i recommend to get a semi good camera, most likely a DSLR, those big bulky ones.. Like Canon 500D or Pentax K-x.. This is because after classes, you gain useful photography skills that may be practiced on DSLR's.. 

2. Plan to learn photography on your own or the budget way? Basic DSLR's are for sale like Pentax K-1000 or the Pentax K-m (same model but different names in different regions.), Nikon D3000 or the Canon 1000D. These are the cheapest DSLR's in the market. they serve good functions as a DSLR like any other ones, but lose out in specs. 

3. Planning to go cheaper? Compact cameras are also good, though not as good as DSLR's but they can create photo frames (great pictures). Some compact cameras have manual modes like a DSLR, like the Pentax Optio A30 or A40. Well you can also use this if you want to have a light camera and not a bulky one..

4. Dont know anything about photography and just need to take photos, just use a compact camera that just takes photos. I dont recommend handphone cameras as its image sensor is not good and its lens is not good too, even if the megapixel number is high. 

To be on the safe side, buy the cheapest but good camera so you dont lose out. Top brands are Nikon, Canon, Olympus and Pentax.

If you plan to make videos, just buy a camcorder as it records better quality videos compared to a compact camera. Some camcorders do have photo mode. I do not own a camcorder so i dont have much to say about it. But if youre interested in videos more than photography, get a camcorder. 

Take care.. =)

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