Sunday, June 20, 2010

Yong Keat's 18th Birthday

Debbie's Car

Jeevan and Sheila

Yong Keat's Birthday gift from Debbie

We the Kings..

Err, the sandwich err.. xD

I dont know what happened here,

but someone got in trouble,

and another also with a family laughing behind there..

Surprise! xD

Aww.. =)

Yeah Sheroz popped it and scared himself.. xD


Happy Birthday Yong Keat!

Short synopsis..

  1. Some stress driving
  2. Got lost in Kota Kemuning
  3. Went Reuben's House
  4. Went Yong Keat's house
  5. Went to 7-11
  6. Went to the lake
  7. ate and sang songs and played
  8. moved to pondok
  9. Happy Birthday Song
  10. Blow Candles
  11. Basketball
  12. Dunking Cake
Sorry, no tome to blog.. xD

Take Care.. =)

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