Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Here i go, scream my lungs out trying to get to you.. You are my only one ~~~

Thats my phone ringtone.. I got a call from Debbie to go out for lunch today, so my mom said can. Jeevan picked me up with Debbie and Sheila in the car. We went to the Garden food court in Taipan USJ. We got a parking, ordered food and waited for Reuben and Yong Keat. They really took long to come, but they stay in Kota Kemuning la so its ok.

We ordered 4 claypot chicken rice and it came, so we decided not to eat till the others arrived. But it took quite awhile that Jeean started eating. Then Sheila was taking bit by bit of rice and finally i also ate. Was hungry. xD

So they came with another guy. Err forgot his real name but he prefers to be called 'teats'. Err, yeah. you know whats that. He actually was my tuition mate for Pn. Poh. So we ate and thought of going jamming but the usual studio, the Rythimix was close. Sheila said Music Walk had one. but they close down (the jamming studio) due to alot of damages. Oh well, all went to my house for some jamming. I had 2 guitars, Sheila's guitar was also at my house since last last Saturday and Debbie brought her guitar. So we jammed, with 4 guitars and my REMO drum pad.

Soon Aivee came and Sheila had to do the video project in my house. They needed some assistance so we talked about it. The others left about 4pm. Aivee and Sheila left at 5 with Debbie, but i walked with Debbie to her house with my bike. We chat abit, then i went off to see if Keenan was around and he just came back from church camp. Nice timing.

We chat awhile till Debbie called me to say that she left her glasses in my house. So me and Keenan walked to my house, then to Debbie's house. Small reunion it was as Keenan and Debbie were classmates in primary school. Well around 7 I had to go back so yeah. What a day.. =)

Take care.. =)

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