Friday, June 04, 2010

Life that changes me =)

I always thought, why cant i get this or that.. Why others can but not me.. Well i guess its just their luck.. I have learnt to let go and accept my own life, and it has been better.. thinking positive really works.. it makes you feel better.. Now, I feel as if i have just gone into a new stage of life.. It gets harder, but i face it harder too.. 

Like today, SOMEBODY was suppose to fetch me and sheila to school.. 6.45am..... 6.55..... 7am.... 7.05... no sign of her car.. called 3 times and no respond.. Finally i called shiela and her mom took her to school already.. So my dad suppose to take me to school then but robyn came by.. he actually wasnt going to school today so i told him that he dont have to fetch me as he stays in puchong.. but he went to usj 4 school for the choir thing which i forgot.. so he took me.. 

The traffic was really terrible at that time so i told him that he can go to usj 4 and i'll just walk to school.. He has a bus to catch at 7.30 and he wouldnt be in school in time if he sent me to seafield.. So i walked, in the rain, about a 2km hike.. Took me about 20 mins to arrive.. Was partially wet n sick and my name was written by the prefect on duty as i went in late to school. Oh well its ok.. i was happy to walk also.. with the fresh air and all.. been some time since i felt that.. haha.. 

then school was as usual.. but after school i followed a few friends to the summit bus stop.. we took the bus to go to kl.. U63 Rapid KL.. at first the bus was right in front of us and about to leave.. he told us to go wait for the next one.. wth? well fine.. but then these 2 guys got off the taxi and was able to get up on the bus.. so we also lah.. wierdo.. 

so we took the bus all the way to pasar seni, went to eat, met kok tong's friend, went to yakin tuition, then went to popular bookstore as it was still early then went to kasturi for pa tuition.. 

*tuition.... study... listen... write... study.. .*

then it was already 4.20pm and i had to tell my girl that we cnt go out on mon as i have replacement class.. well hopefully we can go out on thurs.. so i walked to the KTM station to go back home.. I didnt know, the center coach is only for females.. lol.. well anyway, the train came in time and i went off to subang just to wait for the bus for 45 mins.. haha.. means i got off the ktm station and waited for the bus to go home for 45 mins.. haha.. but it finally was a good experience for me.. Feel like ive grown up but i know there alot more in life.. well anyways, always think positive.. i always complain which made me feel down or upset cos i dont have a car, but now i understand.. my family really cant afford much.. so those rich people out there, good for you.. haha.. 

take care.. =)

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