Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Youth '10 article

A total of 88,366 People at Youth 10’

One day I was on the net and I saw this line going around Facebook and Twitter, 'Malaysia's Largest Youth Festival'. Youth 10' was promoted so widely and quickly that so many youths including me were aware of the event. News travels very rapid in the social media. That's what Niki Cheong said in his conference session in Youth 10'.

So what happened? The event started on the 28th of May at 10a.m. but the opening ceremony started at 3.30p.m. The Youth and Sports Minister, Dato' Ahmad Shabery Cheek and Dato' Siti Nurhaliza came to enlighten the event during the opening. On Saturday, Dato’ Sri Ong Tee Keat whom is the Minister of Transport came to have a look on the event which was going on.

Meanwhile, tons of activities went around the clock for 3 days. Youths get to participate in sport activities such as basketball, take on dance challenges, rock on stage in the battle of the bands, learn on Rubik's secrets at the discovery festival, shop at stalls and warehouse sales and see the latest promotions by various companies. But the best part of the event is the inspiring talks by the many successful youths and people who made a difference.

Youths these days have to endure life which is tough and its forum and talks like these which strengthen us to persevere and break through our problems. "We must have the humility to learn, don't blame others. Learn from our own failures," says Roshan Thiran, the founder of Leaderonomics. Such quotes tell us to be more open. We can’t always play the blame game as we will not learn anything.

I also dropped by a Quit Smoking booth and had the chance to interview the President of the Malaysian Women's Action for Tobacco Control and Health organisation (MyWATCH), Dato' Hatijah Ayob. She says that the youths are not aware on the effects of smoking towards themselves, others and also the environment. Some people believe that smoking outside the house won’t harm their loved ones who are in the house. But cigarette particles are so fine that when they land on the smokers T-shirt, it can still be consumed by others via inhalation even when the smoker is not smoking. People are also being cheated by cigarette companies because a cigarette contains nicotine which addicts a person. When you start, there’s no stop. And at the same time, smokers are constantly burning their money to the cigarette companies. Therefore, awareness on the dangers of cigarettes is given to youths through this event. Even if we don't smoke, others who smoke harm us.

Besides that, Youth 10' rekindles the spirit of sports and teamwork between teens. Basketball and futsal competitions were held as great prizes were to be won. According to a basketball player from SMK Telok Datok, Teaw Zhan Yang who is 18 said that he can interact and share experiences between other players in a basketball tournament. Basketball gives him the spirit to fight till the end and he learns good values too.

Soon after, I dropped by the music section of the event and happen to see an awesome band performing. They were the Black Light Banquet. They performed 5 songs, 3 written and composed by themselves and 2 covers. These guys are not full time musicians but have big dreams. For Adrian Tan who is the lead singer says that the Youth 10' is a great opportunity for unheard or indie bands to perform and to get known. The youths there were also enthusiastic to wave hands, shout and sing along the songs played. This is the energy that we seek for in our youths these days.

Cool hip hop dances hit the dance floor as dancers gathered around to take on dance challenges. Showdown 2010 also performed there. Dancers share and exchange their tips and tricks on the dance floor. Traditional dances were also performed on stage.

There were also a wide spread of exhibitions by various companies like Canon, which was selling cameras at a cheaper price and promoting their new photo album for sale a.k.a. Canon fotobook. Celcom promoted their prepaid packages for youths like University of X (U.O.X.) which gives low call and sms rates.

The sales section was very big. Many of the clothing's were sold for warehouse price and shoes were as cheap as RM10. Some stalls sold handicraft items and custom made items where you can write your name on metal plates. You can even get a temporary tattoo there.

At the discovery section, youths get to learn and play. There was a big chess board and pieces, pick up sticks and also archery. Youths also joined the Rubik's and cosplay workshop. With the discovery section, the teens get to learn new things that are hard to find around.

From my point of view, Youth 10' was a success. Over 18 000 youths attended this event on Friday itself and on Saturday, there were more than 23 000 visitors and finally by Sunday, a total number of 88 366 people attended this event which actually reached the goal of Youth Asia, the organizers which was 70 000. This information was given by the Jasmine Ng who was the Public Relations Associate of Youth Asia. Youths from all races together participated and supported the event. Youth volunteers also worked together to make this event a success. A lot of experience could be gained from this event. Therefore I'm looking forward to Youth 11' which is said to be bigger than this event.

By Andrian Tam.

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