Saturday, July 24, 2010

What the heck..

Well at first i wanted to blog about my trip to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. But this post is not about that.

It still makes me sad to see other people having equipment that i have knowledge on using. Superb computers, DSLR cameras. Not to mention, some people only use them to show off. oh well, nothing can be done.

Well my pc is trash now.. Super old Pentium 4, 512MB RAM and i think a 256MB graphics card. People come to me, ''help me edit my video'' or do this or that. I know how to do, i have the skills, but not the equipment. Latest PC specs are about i7, 8GB RAM and 1GB+ graphics cards. comparable? the mean is totally big. And for my video making, my video editor program requires 2GB RAM. All i can do is to =.= at my computer. Well suppose to get a new PC, but dad wants to only buy next year when he can be entitled to a loan. Oh well..

*I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad..*

take care.. =/

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I was tired, too exhausted. In chinese, wo hen lei.. lol. anyway i was too tired to study. So i watched tv as i got home after dinner to digest. Glee was on ntv7. Nice and entertaining.

*thump* *thump*

hmm. it came from my parents room.. my dad was upstairs and my mom was with me..

*thump thump thump* *thump thump*

the sound seem quite desperate. I thought my dad was choking or something.. me and my mom ran upstairs..


dad was chasing a lizard that fell on him.. LOL!

now it was time for my heart to go, *thump!*



take care.. =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cheer 2010

Cyrens! (Sekolah Sri Kuala Lumpur) won Cheer 2010.. but what did we, BRATs get through to find out?

*it was dark in the stadium*

Well save electricity.. Sharp at 9.00a.m. the lights glowed brighter lighting up the whole arena. Cheer 2010, Hosted by Jeremy Teo and Terry Ong from .


well i think that wasnt some.. it was blasting the whole stadium! *boom* *boom* *chack* We will, we will, Rock You!

Shouts! Screams! Chants! Cheers! Snare Drums! Horns! Vulvezas!

Thats what pins into your ear every minute..

But it was great, wasnt saying it was a negative thing. People coming together supporting each cheer team.. Well funny that Cheerleaders are supporters, but they also have supporters.. xD

About 37 schools participated in this competition.. From the media grandstand i was watching.. Mistakes are common, but they did their best.. They feel pain but smile.. Oh yeah, cheerleaders are to cheer you up.. =)

So as a part of the BRATs crew, i mainly did videography. One was and introduction, on how random people felt about Cheer 2010, another was featuring the Hurricanes from SMK USJ 4, being a newcomer.  Stress and head cracking of course, getting things done in time, well datelines. And being sick at the same time.

Well in the end of the 2 days event, i ended up losing my voice. But Im touched by my new friend. Beverlley Lim. Just met her yesterday and while doing the videos, So we were a video team. I usually take and edit videos, but i wanted to try to be a stand upper, meaning the video host. Well on the 2nd day, she forced me to be the stand upper the whole day, which made me lost my voice. She said i did great, well i know i did not as i looked through the videos again.. xD I have something with my voice, an annoying voice and a bad posture.. I look really bad in vids and pics.. so yeah, she pushed me to do it all the way.. But thanks. =) It was a great experience, and i really have to brush up my communicating skills, talk clearer and sharper and have a good body posture. Damn why am i so skinny =(

Well anyways im at home, I cant tell all the results as i was busy editing videos.. But I know Cyrens won it all. Now with sore throat, cough, lost voice, headache, feverish feeling and tired, but it was great.. I love things like this. Journalism.. =)

Oh yeah, not to mention i chocked during breakfast before going to Bukit Jalil. While eating Yee Mee, i coughed and inhaled back.. a damn mince pork went into my trachea and i got chocked. Lucky to be quite aware at the moment and my parents around, slowly i breathe to take in air to cough that piece of pig out.. Thank God nothing really happened.

So time to rest, sorry no pictures. I did not take photos..

dont forget to lookout for more about Cheer 2010 at the R.AGE website or The Star BRATs. =)

take care.. =)