Saturday, July 24, 2010

What the heck..

Well at first i wanted to blog about my trip to the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. But this post is not about that.

It still makes me sad to see other people having equipment that i have knowledge on using. Superb computers, DSLR cameras. Not to mention, some people only use them to show off. oh well, nothing can be done.

Well my pc is trash now.. Super old Pentium 4, 512MB RAM and i think a 256MB graphics card. People come to me, ''help me edit my video'' or do this or that. I know how to do, i have the skills, but not the equipment. Latest PC specs are about i7, 8GB RAM and 1GB+ graphics cards. comparable? the mean is totally big. And for my video making, my video editor program requires 2GB RAM. All i can do is to =.= at my computer. Well suppose to get a new PC, but dad wants to only buy next year when he can be entitled to a loan. Oh well..

*I wanna be a billionaire, so freaking bad..*

take care.. =/

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Punk Chopsticks said...

LOL hey Adrian! I know how you feel dude XD

Talent trumps fancy gizmo any day You'll probably be a billionaire some day. And if not then, heck, just go and steal something if it gets that bad XD

xoxo punk chopsticks