Sunday, August 22, 2010

Abit more of day 1

So my mom's old friends came by the hotel to go out for lunch. I still could not get theyre names as Philippine names are hard to remember. It's abit of Spanish as they used to conquer this country long before. Anyway, we went to the Pancake House for lunch. They did not just serve pancakes but local dishes too. So I had Aaroz a la Cubana. It was minced meat with fried egg, rice and fried banana slices. It was really good. =)

I also was able to take some photos of the bay area. It's full of yachts too. Then we went of and i bought a new Jansport bag, of course its fake there but it did look nice. So i got it for about 300 pesos, about RM 30>. We went back to the hotel and there i dozed off as i did not have enough sleep and a night flight. Dad arrived as I was sleeping. Then i woke up to take some pics of the sunset, but not what i really wanted. The sun was still so bright and i was hoping for a nice orange sunset. well not today i guess.

We then went to church. Somehow i dont know why we decided to go for mass on the next day. About the church, it is really old. I have its facts in a photo which will be uploaded soon. Nearby, there were old buildings which themed the Spain culture. Looks like Havana too. My bro related it to Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

We had dinner at Barbara's. It was a classy restaurant and it's food is high class with a reasonable price. I took Salpicado, which is rice served with tender beef with garlic and olive oil. I also had abit of San Miguel beer.

As usual, we would take the train or Light Rail Transits to go around the city and have a good view from up above. However, the trains will shut down by 9.30 p.m. so we decided to not take the train and took a taxi back to the hotel to enjoy a live band performance at the hotel.

Cebu Pacific, the airline i took.

Abit of the Manila Airport.

Taxi, a Toyota Vios.

A Jeepney.

A hotel driver sending us to H2O Hotel.

Police Station.

Hotel Lobby.

This is how the aquarium room looks like.

Rainy day.


People sell items at traffic lights.

Chinese food in a box.


The church.

Inside the restaurant.



The Hotel.

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