Friday, August 27, 2010

Conclusion NOT!

It has almost been a week here and i have 4 more days to go. Philippines, a place where I thought things were upside down, and so thought my mom. At first I did not really have a good impression on the place, before I left home. But as I took the plane, I knew things are getting more exciting.

Basically, the people here have changed. Thats the most important part. My mom said the last time she came here -about 20 years ago- people will be snatching your luggage at the airport, pushing around and not lining up. Same happends at bus stops where people are pushing their way into a bus, or at the cashier.

To my family's surprise, everything has changed. The people are better, they line up and you rarely see people grabbing bags.

Their hospitality is really good, especially security guards, hotel attendants, waiters and waitresses. The guards are funny and you can say theyre cute. Why? 

The security guards work hard, which is good. Everywhere you go especially at train stations, malls or hotels, there will be security guards and metal detectors. They always give a smile and greet like, "Good evening, po." The word "po" is a word of respect in communication. Like "Selamat po" as in thank you but in a respectful manner.

Besides that, those who guard doors will open them for you with a smile. If the waiters in a restaurant are busy, the guards will be the one to seat you, get the menu and sometimes newspapers for you. We never see this in Malaysia. True hospitality I guess. But this I respect of the Philippines.

Not to mind the hostage situation, but that can happen anywhere around the world.

Somehow, it seems good to be around here, but the traffic jams are really bad. I dont really know the exact timing as i always sleep halfway through my journeys, but you can say that it takes about 2 hours to get from Subang Jaya to KL in Malaysian terms.

Therefore, visit Philippines. It will be a good experience for you, especially when you can visit those beautiful places like the Taal Volcano.

take care.. =)

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