Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 2 in the Philippines

*phew* I'm finally back at the hotel. Today was really tiring...

The day started by waking up at about 7.30 a.m. and went for breakfast. It wasnt much, just fried rice, some beef and pork with popiah and hash browns. I was also worried to eat too much as it may trigger myself to go to the toilet for some big business. Anyway, we had a driver for 9 hours. He was a really nice guy, luckily. We were in a Mitsubishi Adventure. It was a 4 wheel SUV, good for the places we were going. It was about 2 hours to go to the Taal Volcano from Manila.

Throughout the journey, we passed squarter homes, old buildings, open grass fields and lots and lots of people. I have no idea what is their population but it is really alot. We reached the Taal Bay, i think it was that, and took a speedboat to the island in the middle of the lake where the volcano was located. The pricing of the boat ride was about 1500 pesos per boat.

When you reach the island, it is 50 pesos per person to go up the volcano (tourist price) and 450 pesos each to take a horse up the volcano. Both plans come with a tour guide as it is a must for a tour guide to come with you, which is really good. They grow up there and settle there. Tour guiding has been their job for generations and they do it for a living, so as for fishing too.

So we decided to climb up the volcano. Though hard but it was great, the view, the cool winds and the hot steamy volcanic rocks. There literally was steam escaping from the rocks, and it was hot. It is possible to burn you if it was hot enough, said the tour guide. By the way, I also got burnt by the sun.

The view at the top was awesome. There was a lake in the middle of the volcano as it is not that active but still active. It was really tiring so we took coconut juice. It was the same price as water, about 50 pesos. so coconut water was my energy drink. To go up and down the hill, it took 2 hours and about 6km average.

We then had lunch at Jollibees, where they had hamburger. Yeah. Pork burger. They dont sell much of that in Malaysia. We then went to the Church of the Pink Sisters, where they say you can write your prayers, submit in and they will be praying your prayers for you. Not that we are lazy, but they give support to your prayers. Then we went back to Manila and it was raining heavily.

Church and Chowking for dinner. Thats about it for the night. It was a tiring day.

take care. =)

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