Saturday, August 21, 2010

The first time going to my hometown, or not?

With the eyes of a bird i saw the ground so dense with buildings. No wonder they say that the traffic in Manila is bad. I arrived at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Philippines at about 4.45a.m. together with my mom and brother. Originally my dad has work to do so we tagged along as i never been to the Philippines and my mom is Philipino, which makes me half of it. Therefore why not spare a visit?

Yeah you may be wondering where my dad is. He's still at home. His official flight is later in the morning. Back to my state, i'm currently in the water hotel, a.k.a. H20 hotel. Well its kind of on the sea. You can check it out on Google or H20 Hotels in Philippines. Its quite cool in a way that its theme is based on water. Alot is blue and their walls is partially water. Some rooms -of course more expensive- have aquariums as their wall. It is also at  Marina Bay which is said to have a wonderful sunset. Its only 9a.m. here so it will be awhile more to find out.

The room is not bad, furnishing is nice and comfy, thy have High Definition televisions in the room. The toilet is a little weird. The sink is beside the bed and the shower and toilet bowl are separate. At first look, Philippines doesn't seem to be that bad. Though not so developed, but it has a culture of its own. However, food I have not tried yet. I'm suppose to follow my mom to go and see her old friends with a meal. So lets see how it will go. =)

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