Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Oh my..

Malaysians should be lucky to live in Malaysia and its government.

It was too close, to either be part of it or too near it. It is referred to a danger, or just easily explained as a hostage situation.

We checked out of H2O hotel in Manila at around 9.00 a.m. My mom's brother picked us up with his classic white vehicle. We went off to visit the people we owe as they helped us a lot. Meanwhile, a hostage situation took place half a kilometer away from the hotel i used to stay at, the Quirino Grandstand.

A bus filled with tourist from Hong Kong and a few Philippinos was visited by a local police officer. i do not want to get too detailed. But thank God we were away earlier.

All we did for the day was visiting and being stuck in bad traffic jams. We also had dinner with our friends who once visited us in Malaysia back in 1992. Gmenier and Kat Mendoza were the kids, whe we had a really good chat with. Great times and food. We had dinner at the Rocks restaurant.

We went to another hotel as my dad had work. I was in the room watching the local news about the hostage situation. it was from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. About 7 were killed in the incident. Not to mention that in another scene, a Korean was killed and 2 others were kidnapped, who were together reps of UNICEF. Thankfully it was said that the 2 were released. Scary to hear all this news, as im so close to the scene. Im not saying to not visit the Philippines, but be careful no matter where you go. It can happen anywhere.

Take care.. =/

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yen li said...

Woah.. thank God ur ok..hope that you and ur family will be safe thru out ur trip there..

Take care :)

PS: i prefer the white layoutXD