Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Philippines

First of all, forgive me for not uploading much photos yet. Im still going mobile so its difficult, so till i'm home, it will be up..

Anyway I'll be going home in a few more hours time, and i'm already beginning to miss this place. Though alot of negative things were heard about this country, many people forgot to look at its good side. And I have to admin, its somehow slightly better than Malaysia. Well each country has their own pros and cons. So yeah.

Well whats pulling me to stay is the people here. In my previous post, i talked about how the hospitality of the Phillipinos were very touching. 2nd is the slight chance that i will be furthering my education here. The University of the Philippines, compared to University Malaya, is said to be better and their campus has impressed me.. I'm still considering it. But its a good thing to consider.

My stay here is definitely not satisfying. There are more to see here. I do hope to come back here on cheap flights again.

Take care.. =)

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