Thursday, August 26, 2010


It was old, old and old.

I went for dinner with my family and uncles with his daughters, son and grandsons, not forgetting his in-laws too and some friends. It was a good time as we ate and had fun. It was the first time meeting this part of my family.

Soon we went to their house, which was also my mom's home when she was a kid. She grew up there, and it's still there now. It's old. The house, the picture frames, the furniture. But as old as it was, it was nice. Historical stuff especially those which were own by the family is nice to see.

The best was to see my grandfather's picture. I never really knew how he looks. He was gone before i was born. But, i heard he was a great man, helping alot of people at office, and towards the family too.

My other cousin, Bryan was not there that time as he is a sailor transporting goods worldwide on a ship.

take care.. =)

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