Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something Worth More Than Being A Memory

Today, or maybe throughout this week, I learnt alot, despite i didnt study for my SAT much, luckily i have the holidays to do so..

Before I begin, well the text above wasnt the beginning, but I would like to say sorry for the miscommunication caused, annoyance, rudeness and whatever caused by me throughout this week..

It started on monday when the 5R club was going to sell files made from recyclable materials.. This was to promote EcoFriendly Products.. The files were a good deal, RM 6 for one that was made from used paper and it is thick, so alot of paper can be stored.. The sales were not good at first, but what Aaron Lui said, just push, not literally la..

So i put in effort and yes, sales increased the next day.. When it reached Wednesday, i was helping the Prom Committee to raise funds by selling food.. It was led by Soo Yin and Wai Yip.. I used what i learnt and was able to finish the stocks.. By the way, we didnt sell the files from Wednesday because the stocks were low too.. =)

Today is thursday.. I helped with the food again, and we finished it well.. I also helped during the afternoon session to help make bubble tea.. It was a good experience.. I did the shaking of milo and poured into the cups, Shi Yun helped with the pouring of ice and marble jelly into a cup, Joan collect the money, Chun Yeet and Audrey kept the people coming and Selva kept a constant amount of water going in.. We worked as a team, very well delegated.. =) and stocks were finished too. Milo finished at first, but we improvised.. We sold "milk" bubble tea.. =)

Thanks for the help of Robyn Tung, Sheroz, Adrian Goh, Aivee, Oon Hui, Sheila, Vithya, Kelly, Fauziah, Kah Mun and her friend (sorry. xD) and others.. =)

(I placed a line of names because I know how much a name is worth, sorry if i didnt put you in, but i think this was all) =D

Total funds raised was good, very good actually.. Its a good week so far, alot learnt and did.. looking foward for more.. take care.. =)

Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Life

iPhone 4 Life!

Well now its the 4th day of the competition so i hope everything goes well.. I hope one day, my next blog post will be of the iPhone 4 in my hands.. =)

Take care.. =)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

When you talk about mobile packages, monthly plans and all, people always say, "Sure got trick one!" Well i was looking at the latest offers for the new iPhone 4 which just began last 24 September.. Well, i looked at its terms and conditions and it was quite fair..

For about 2 years, there is a contract and everything in this plan will only be applicable till the end of 2 years, but common, 2 years of free stuff is good enough.. Well, what free stuff.. with DiGi's iDiGi 88, you have 1GB free internet, however after the quota, its still free and there no extra charges.. just that the internet speed is slower.. I love that.. all i want is the internet mainly, to use the online social networks and blog.. With this plan, i will always have internet.. =)

The internet is my essential.. =)

I love its price.. RM58 is the average price of my phone bill currently.. But with the DiGi iDiGi 88 Plan, i have full access to the internet.. By the way, if i have 6 supplementary lines, they are all FREE! no matter if i use SMS, MMS or even calls.. =)

The prices to all networks are the same.. Other networks will have different prices.. So i would not have to worry when i contact my friends who use other networks..

Flexibility.. after i get this plan and i want to do some changes, i can upgrade my plan.. =)

DiGi, always the smarter choice.. =) take care.. =)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

iPhone is known for its numerous number of fun apps.. From my view, the apps are awesome.. iPhone comes with a multi-touch-at-a-time function where u can press the screen more than once at the same time to either press multiple buttons or select a few things.. now thats cool..

From my experience with my friends iPhone, the most fun app that i played was the 'Angry Birds" where the story is about a bunch of pigs eating the birds eggs, so they want to take revenge on them. They have many types of birds that can be 'kamikazi!-ed' to attack the pigs who are under a base.. All I had to do is to break through the base by setting my shot angle properly.. Its hard, so its fun because sometimes, its just hard to destroy the base of the pigs.. The different types are birds are those that just do nothing when fired, some blow up, some split into 3 other birds and many more.

Besides that, im a musician. So i love playing the drum kits. As i said, you can press many buttons on the screen at the same time. So you can produce more than 3 sounds at once if you want too. It requires practice but it will be so cool to see a band performing all using iPhones.. There is a saying that if you combine 3 iPhones, you can have more keys of a piano.. thats so cool.. =)

Well, those are my most favourite apps.. take care.. =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

The New 4G

If you like it, please vote for it here.. If not, do comment or ignore.. Thank You.. 

4G Is The Window Pane, The View Outside Is Its Functions..

Target users: The World (too general? No. It’s a fact) 

Foot note: I think outside the box. What's written below is not just one but many applications and uses of 4G. 

The internet is a common media in the world today. According to the internet world, about 1 966 514 816 people use the world wide web around the globe, which means the internet is influential, and useful. Throughout its years being used publically, there are known flaws, for example, security and privacy issues, connection problems, personal issues and health issues. However, 4G is not like the internet. 

4G is the future, not the internet. it’s a lifestyle. You may call it a status one day, but there are different extents that this network can go. 4G can be used by anyone, the poor or the rich, the strong or the lame, me and you. I believe YTL seeks for the convenience of people, and of course business. But it’s a mutual relationship between the community and the company. 

Life is so hectic today. People tend to forget and blank out. They say there are diaries, but they are forgotten too. There are digital reminders, but how efficient are they? People seek for convenience, not because they think about themselves, but to live life in an optimum rate. 

Lets talk about safety. People always say that they get hacked or their information or privacy has been leaked out. 4G gives a higher security level to keep privacy to the user. You think its impossible? Nothing is. For example, Microsoft Windows has made Operating Systems so good that unknown programs which may be recognized as viruses or hacking tools are blocked off. Same goes for Sophos anti-virus. If we apply these settings to 4G, we would have more than one less burden off our shoulders. 

That is just to make you feel better, but its true. Now lets get more detailed. I was all whining about convenience, let me show you how to live life easier. 

To run 4G, we of course need devices and applications. But what do these applications do? 
4G is fast, 4G is efficient. The most common thing we do every day is to socialize. It’s essential, for some of us, to always stay connected to each other in any way. 4G allows us to network with people, “very fast”. Business meetings can be done with video conferencing. Do you always here these lines over the phones, 

“Im sorry, I have an emergency” 
“Oh I was not informed about the meeting, I’m very far away now” 
“My car broke down” 

These excuses are not acceptable for large companies such as YTL. Now with video conferencing, you can now have your meetings anywhere and anytime without facing any connection disruptions or limit towards the number of participants. People also can link their laptop to show “Power Point” or “Prezi” presentations during video conferences. The connection quality is high to ensure clarity of conversation. Business will be more efficient too. 
An online calendar which links internet users to plan events and reminders is important. Companies can use this network to connect their employers under this site and connect people who are attending the same meeting or event. It also reminds people about their upcoming events. Pre-meeting discussions also can be planned there, well of course, with privacy if needed. 

If you can’t be home in time for the news, or you didn’t catch the last copy of today’s newspaper, 4G is your informant straight from the horse’s mouth. Don’t be left out by subscribing to news feeds on the latest news and events. News can now be more detailed with videos and photos. If you are in time, you may be virtually live at the event. 4G is your new television. 

How about entertainment? If 4G is everything, it has the internet, and the internet is also known to be everything. Streaming videos and music will be in high speed. We will not need memory cards anymore. Mobile online games may be created for gamers on the go. 

4G also has speed dials to helpful sources. If you need a taxi, a click of a button will get a taxi over to your place. If you need to reserve a table in a restaurant, or maybe, a restaurant, reservations can be done. 

4G is important during emergencies. Live feeds are used as the emergency hotlines, for example, 1 single button will send a distress signal containing information of the individual in need together with its current location to a hospital so that that person doesn’t need to talk on the phone with the hospital which saves precious time. For assurance, a reply message will be sent to show if the hospital acknowledges the distress call. Same goes for other emergencies such as crime and fire. 

4G can also monitor the safety of your home and car. If you might be late to go home from work, you can turn on your lights at home with a click of a button. If your car is disturbed, you will be informed together with the information on the condition of the car together with its location, so your vehicle is tracked and can be retrieved after, if stolen. 
Education is important for youths, and a lot of youths are up to date with today’s technology. 4G can be equipped with today’s facts and discoveries, quizzes and a space to discuss homeworks with classmates on the go. They also like gaming, therefore, 4G makes gaming experiences a breeze without any connection problems or lags. 

You may wonder, what may all this run on? Well, there are so many devices which do many wonders. So now, we have to make the wonders. 

This is not all I have in mind, so be updated soon. Take care.

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

OMG! Finally iPhone 4 is launched today!

*picture is from the Apple official site. 

I? Phone? iPhone lah.. Who doesnt know the great pocket device created by apple today? With its old models, the iPhone has been trendy for the people on the move today.. light weight and sleek, who wouldnt want one?

The iPhone 4 has a screen so clear and sharp with its unique retina display.. What is a retina display? Its obvious.. Many phones and smart phone screens have pixellated screens, which shows un-sharp and un-clear images.. The retina display is new technology that makes images so shart, you cant differentiate that its a screen.. its as if youre looking at the real thing itself.. =)

Im a blogger and im active on the social media.. therefore i need to keep typing on the go.. Throughout my experience using my friends iPhones, typing is so easy for me..


Alright, to continue my point, i need easy communication on the go.. iPhone touch screen QWERTY keypads are precise.. Its had to miss a letter while typing.. As u use other phones, instead of the key "H", ill always get either a "G" or "Y", which is very annoying.. But with the iPhone, especially its latest model, i can type easily and quickly while blogging or socialising..

As i travel, its hard to carry maps around, and even if i pick up one, i think its better to go green to reduce the usage of paper (I go green, so does iPhone).. the iPhone 4 has a GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) so I can always find my way on the streets or while im at a new place.. If i have no connection, i still have a compass in it.. though many people will think, how will a COMPASS help me find my way? Well im a boy scout and i always can find my way with a compass, for example, in a forest..

Im a techy guy, therefore i need a device that can work on an optimum rate.. It supports 3G or either 3.5G networks.. Whats so important about 3G? Well i update the world using the social medias about the latest deals everywhere i walk by.. Deals? Who would ignore great deals? I can also update my blog quickly without any connection problems or either slow or laggy postings.. And with the geotagging function, i can share with my friends the pictures we take in events without using the computer..

VIDEO RECORDING IN HD!! I love taking photos and videos.. My current camera now has a low quality video mode, which is upsetting for me.. good quality ones are better.. and wow, a FLASH! i will have no problem in the dark if i need to take photos.. As a photographer, i know camera specs and iPhone 4 impresses me.. Its all in one, i dont have to bring a seperate camera nor a camcorder..

Im a smartphone user and the current one im using now, i cant watch videos from youtube.. what a turn off.. iPhone is my DREAM THEATER! live streaming videos in high speed and quality, and 32GB OF SPACE for my music, videos and apps! I love the 'Angry Birds' app.. =) The AV cable compatibility is important for me.. With it, I can connect my phone to televisions or screens to present my projects in a cool way.. =)

ITS HEART!! most importantly, the power factory.. the battery lasts long which is essential for me..Im repeating myself, im always on the move.. Its not easy to go to a cafe to always recharge your phone.. They say it has 300 HOURS of stanby time?!! thats about 1 and a half weeks!

Everyone is using iPhone today and its so fashionable.. Everyone likes iPhone, including me.. I dont have one so I do really hope to get one.. If i do, THANK YOU NUFFNANG AND DIGI!! You have made a persons life easier.. =)

take care.. =D

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Creativity with technology

Being Practical on the Road..

Disclaimer, this is not to offend anyone.

Today alot of young people get their driving licence at a young age. Yes,they can drive. But what about the practical side of it? When a problem occurs, do you know what to do? Accidents, broken down car, or suddenly feeling sick or nausea in the car.Do you know what to do?

Sometimes i wonder,isit that the companies offering driving classes lack teaching, or the students do not listen? I myself havent gotten my license, but i have helped many who drive but cant face the practical side of the streets..

Today after church, there was a young lady, college student you can say, stuck on an uphil road moving out of the bandar sunway area near the esso petrol station and 3C. Her vehicle hazard lights were on and she was just stuck there. My dad passed and we decided to help her. She didnt know what to do.

I came to the side and opened the door. She was so feared and you can see the sweat pouring down her face. She did not even hold her phone and just held the steering wheel and was just blank. We helped her push her car to the side. I asked her if she knew who to call.

She has kept a deck of calling cards in her car incase of car problems,but the companies were irrevelant. Good thing my dad noticed the MAA car insurance sticker. They have a call center that will aid you in your needs.

The case is that, she sent her car for a car wash and said they washed the engine.

Tip: Never wash your car engine.
Short circuits are possible and engines are made of metal. When its hot and is sprayed with cold water, components of the engine will crack.

Tip: Always beware of your belongings.
There are people who look like they want to help, but some may want to take advantage. For ladies, always hold your handbag with you. Guys, make sure u keep your belongings too. Do not forget about prepaid cards such as your touch and go or smart tag. Some may even snatch your global positioning system (gps).

Its good to be optimistic, but dont forget to be always ready. Problems like this may happen to you one day. Its always important to learn about your car, and always have somebody who can always help you with your car in your phone,a friend maybe, or a parent. 

take care.. =/

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Does anyone know where to buy this?

outer part

inner part

Its a power socket for my bass amp.. its broken but still usable for now, but i dont like it to be left hanging.. ive been to quite a few electric shops and music shops but i still cant find.. I stay in Subang Jaya, Malaysia.. Any hints on where i can buy a new one? thx..

Inner width: 2.8cm (approx)
Inner height: 2.0cm (approx)
voltage and power support: 10A 250V

Inner width and height is the part thats inside the appliance.. this size is actually the common size..


If The End of the World Is Tomorrow?

If the end of the world is tomorrow, what will you do within this 24 hours?
Would you spend good time with your close ones? Would you follow your 'to do list before you die'? or would you just wait and see the end of the world like a movie? Who knows there are who have these points of views..

This goes out for anyone to answer.. Please state your age and answer on my blog post via comments.. thx..

take care.. =)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Does Anyone Know What Is This?

I found this thing crawling in my dining room..

So what is this?
  • Maybe a caterpillar? But it moved like a worm..
  • A caterpillar stuck into a tree? The rear looks like a plant.. 
  • A new species of a gene transplant, between the caterpillar and the stick insect?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Crab Island in Malaysia

The location of Pulau Ketam on my phone using Gamrmin Que.

It was a Saturday and my dad wanted to check out Pulau Ketam, or in direct Engilsh translation, the Crab Island.. Well I truly believe that its name originated from the numerous numbers of crabs crawling all over its sand.. Where is it? Its along the Straits of Malacca located in Selangor at Klang in Malaysia.

As most places beside the sea, it is a fishing village.. There are settlements there such as homes, community office, police station and of course, lots and lots of restaurants.. But before getting there, you have to take a ferry to the island. You can choose either the air-conditioned ferry or either the open air ferry.. Tip, if you

Kim Hoe Restaurant at Pulau Ketam

So we were around looking for food and everywhere was packed.. Most of the restaurants had waitress all over, but this restaurant, Kim Hoe was quick enough to clear up a table for us and the other shops just leave the other tables messy..

Well anyways, this restaurant served good food too.. We ordered oysters, a number of buttered prawns, chinese cabbage

Friday, September 10, 2010

Ibanez GSRM20 (mikro)

The Ibanez GSRM20 Bass Guitar is something I own and have been mastering for the past month.. First I will say that this bass is bought in the United States by my brother.. It was about 150 USD which is about to RM500. From the title 'Mikro', it is a smaller size and scale bass guitar.. It has only 22 frets compared to a normal 24 fret bass.. It is also

Thursday, September 09, 2010

School Memories..

Some pictures i took in a school photography competition.. =)

The colours of life.. =)

Can we throw airplanes and wish they were shooting stars? =)

Life is stressful.. Everything crashes down onto us.. But were capable of standing back up.. =)

You think you're so great?

Haha no lah.. that title is to be hammered on to me..

I will start with the note that I have missed alot of opportunities in my life, things that can make me learn more, experience, build me up personally and mentally, not to mention physically also. In my high school days, I thought  i was someone.. I was the Co-Ed in the school magazine, captain of the frisbee team, a secretary in the 131st Petaling Scout Troop and more. But today, i see it as a small thing in my life. It did teach me alot of things, but there was more than that to learn.

I stumbled upon a girl, im not cheating on my girlfriend but i was meeting new people from the recent BRATs camp which was held at Kuantan. Chia Chien Teng -a 16 year old- and somebody is somebody with a personality.

Chia Chien Teng can be found @

yes, she has her own domain, makes money through her blog and bought a DSLR with that money through 80% of blog profits and others by saving. SOMETHING THAT I WANT TO DO..

but it seems to be a dream, because im not taking action? I just dont know where to start. This blog has been on for about 5 years. Maybe the weakness is that the publicity is not wide enough and i do not have enough social networking, says FeeqSays Network.

oh well..

is it too late? sometimes i think so.. Now im doing my form 6 and SAT's, which i do not see a white light appearing from the darkness.. Gotta keep studying..

I cant keep day dreaming anymore.. Gotta work..

take care.. =/

Vocabulary stress

Haha.. well for the SAT's, a participant has to have good english, which means good vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, adverbs and know some basic quotes.. So tell me -for vocabulary- the fastest way to learn? memorise or pop a song? haha.. i only got 3 weeks left man.. dang.. xD

Here's abit of it.. xD

  • Remuneration-payment for work done
  • Nuance-something subtle or a fine shade of meaning
  • Billowing-swelling, waving
  • Harangue-noisy, attacking speech
  • Plaintiff-petitioner in court of law
  • Plaudit-giving statement of strong praise

take care.. =S

Whats up?

Well blog is meant to type down personal things of a person or the author.. So here it goes..

First of all, politics has been a hot topic of the time, which branches into many lines..But for me, im staying chill to it.. not being 'tidak apa' about it, but just being lucky to be in such country, because there are places that are worse out there.. so basically, politics and government is a subject to infinity.. you cant satisfy each and every one person in the country.. thats a fact and understandable..

Second, studies.. God give me the mood to study.. It seems that the holidays decreases my study mood compared to schooling days.. I was enthusiastic to study at first, then some changes occured when the holidays began. Tomorrow is thursday and im gonna hit the chair and table..

Third, Yen Li. So sorry for making things this way.. Yeah it is me at fault, i thought of myself only. You tried, i didnt.. Reflection time..

Take care always.. =/

Monday, September 06, 2010

Transformers 3

So looks like the movie is going to be out soon.. =) not bad..

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Panoramic Photos..

On the top of Taal Volcano.

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

A few pics of Philippines..

At night at the H2O hotel, The Moon bar.

Quirino Grandstand, this photo was taken about 25 hours before the recent hostage situation..

A kite flying by with the background of the 'Junior' Taal Volcano..

A kite high in the sky..

The boat that takes you to the Taal Volcano..

Somehow they changed drivers halfway throughout the journey.. There was a floating bamboo to mark the position..

One of the civilian at the Taal Volcano island.. He was cleaning himself with sand..

A few more of them..

A tree along the hill of the volcano..

Its rock and layers..

Their Ketchup is known as Catsup..

A view from the drivers side..

Uncle's car.. a nice classic actually..

A view of the students around the area my mom grew up..

Back to the golden days?

My cousins.. =)

The building that reflects The University of the Philippines (UP).. I'm actually considering to study there..

A memorial of the fallen American Soldiers on Philippine land.. Their bodies are not here, just a memorial..

A typical market in Manila..

Playing with water and the camera.. The background is the round chapel in Makati..

I do not know about this, but notice the people behind?

This is how the weather is like usually..

This was about 15 kilometers away from central Manila which is having heavy rain..

Church candles..

Efficiency of the security guards.. A lady faints and a total of 10 security guards came to help.. Not to say they were away from their posts, but there were others still in position because there are really alot of security guards around..

They sell on the road, knock on your windows at traffic lights.. Dont be surprised to see children doing so too begging for money.. But this is getting lesser as the authorities are getting more strict..

One of the churches in Manila.. Look at its number of people..

A view from my friends apartment..

The green fields..

woof! =3

Thats their life basically..

A sunset at the airport before heading back to Malaysia..