Sunday, September 19, 2010

Being Practical on the Road..

Disclaimer, this is not to offend anyone.

Today alot of young people get their driving licence at a young age. Yes,they can drive. But what about the practical side of it? When a problem occurs, do you know what to do? Accidents, broken down car, or suddenly feeling sick or nausea in the car.Do you know what to do?

Sometimes i wonder,isit that the companies offering driving classes lack teaching, or the students do not listen? I myself havent gotten my license, but i have helped many who drive but cant face the practical side of the streets..

Today after church, there was a young lady, college student you can say, stuck on an uphil road moving out of the bandar sunway area near the esso petrol station and 3C. Her vehicle hazard lights were on and she was just stuck there. My dad passed and we decided to help her. She didnt know what to do.

I came to the side and opened the door. She was so feared and you can see the sweat pouring down her face. She did not even hold her phone and just held the steering wheel and was just blank. We helped her push her car to the side. I asked her if she knew who to call.

She has kept a deck of calling cards in her car incase of car problems,but the companies were irrevelant. Good thing my dad noticed the MAA car insurance sticker. They have a call center that will aid you in your needs.

The case is that, she sent her car for a car wash and said they washed the engine.

Tip: Never wash your car engine.
Short circuits are possible and engines are made of metal. When its hot and is sprayed with cold water, components of the engine will crack.

Tip: Always beware of your belongings.
There are people who look like they want to help, but some may want to take advantage. For ladies, always hold your handbag with you. Guys, make sure u keep your belongings too. Do not forget about prepaid cards such as your touch and go or smart tag. Some may even snatch your global positioning system (gps).

Its good to be optimistic, but dont forget to be always ready. Problems like this may happen to you one day. Its always important to learn about your car, and always have somebody who can always help you with your car in your phone,a friend maybe, or a parent. 

take care.. =/

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