Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Crab Island in Malaysia

The location of Pulau Ketam on my phone using Gamrmin Que.

It was a Saturday and my dad wanted to check out Pulau Ketam, or in direct Engilsh translation, the Crab Island.. Well I truly believe that its name originated from the numerous numbers of crabs crawling all over its sand.. Where is it? Its along the Straits of Malacca located in Selangor at Klang in Malaysia.

As most places beside the sea, it is a fishing village.. There are settlements there such as homes, community office, police station and of course, lots and lots of restaurants.. But before getting there, you have to take a ferry to the island. You can choose either the air-conditioned ferry or either the open air ferry.. Tip, if you
love to take photographs, I suggest that you take the open air ferry. You will go through North port and it is really beautiful to see the process of the container transfer from the ship to the port and vice versa.. But sadly i was on the air-conditioned ferry which its windows were tinted so you cant really take photos..

The ticket booth is hard to miss.

The air-conditioned ferry will cost about RM7.00 for an adult and RM4.00 for children, which im not really sure of what is the age limit of a child.. However, the air conditioned boat is a newer boat so it is faster.. It took about half an hour to reach the island and if you take the open air boat, its slower, but if you like the sea and photography, the open air boat is recommended..

This is a crowd of a Saturday during the school holidays..

Dont worry, their employers will always help u hop on and off the ferry..

Just for laughs, the Google GPS said im on the sea, which is true.. =)

The open air ferry..

Different boat companies but they still work together.. =)

Ah, now the crabs.. =)

The City Hall..

Bicycles are commonly used there,

and you can rent them too..

Not to mention, they have a cyber cafe.. lol..

Some guys playing foosball on a very very old foosball table.. 

A local temple..

The local theater.. 

Dont let your boat die, if you have one.. (but i really wish to know the history of this boat)


A fisherman with, i think, his children helping him..

An electrical repair shop..

A hardware store..

A sundry shop..


Lettuce vegetation and bitter gourd.. 

Innovation.. =)

This is where I ate for lunch.. About the food, its on another post called Kim Hoe Restaurant at Pulau Ketam.. 

The island also have low cost hotels which im not sure how much are they as i did not stay overnight, but there is always Google. =)

Take care. =)

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Translation quotes said...

I am. I REALLY hope they can hold back the oil as long as possible. I want to enjoy Crab Island one last time over 4th of July weekend. So, disgusted and just sick to my stomach over this destin will still be number one on my vacation list no matter if the oil is there or not! will be there in 3 weeks and can't wait! Prayers continue... this is such a special place to our family and others... prayers continue..