Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

OMG! Finally iPhone 4 is launched today!

*picture is from the Apple official site. 

I? Phone? iPhone lah.. Who doesnt know the great pocket device created by apple today? With its old models, the iPhone has been trendy for the people on the move today.. light weight and sleek, who wouldnt want one?

The iPhone 4 has a screen so clear and sharp with its unique retina display.. What is a retina display? Its obvious.. Many phones and smart phone screens have pixellated screens, which shows un-sharp and un-clear images.. The retina display is new technology that makes images so shart, you cant differentiate that its a screen.. its as if youre looking at the real thing itself.. =)

Im a blogger and im active on the social media.. therefore i need to keep typing on the go.. Throughout my experience using my friends iPhones, typing is so easy for me..


Alright, to continue my point, i need easy communication on the go.. iPhone touch screen QWERTY keypads are precise.. Its had to miss a letter while typing.. As u use other phones, instead of the key "H", ill always get either a "G" or "Y", which is very annoying.. But with the iPhone, especially its latest model, i can type easily and quickly while blogging or socialising..

As i travel, its hard to carry maps around, and even if i pick up one, i think its better to go green to reduce the usage of paper (I go green, so does iPhone).. the iPhone 4 has a GLOBAL POSITIONING SYSTEM (GPS) so I can always find my way on the streets or while im at a new place.. If i have no connection, i still have a compass in it.. though many people will think, how will a COMPASS help me find my way? Well im a boy scout and i always can find my way with a compass, for example, in a forest..

Im a techy guy, therefore i need a device that can work on an optimum rate.. It supports 3G or either 3.5G networks.. Whats so important about 3G? Well i update the world using the social medias about the latest deals everywhere i walk by.. Deals? Who would ignore great deals? I can also update my blog quickly without any connection problems or either slow or laggy postings.. And with the geotagging function, i can share with my friends the pictures we take in events without using the computer..

VIDEO RECORDING IN HD!! I love taking photos and videos.. My current camera now has a low quality video mode, which is upsetting for me.. good quality ones are better.. and wow, a FLASH! i will have no problem in the dark if i need to take photos.. As a photographer, i know camera specs and iPhone 4 impresses me.. Its all in one, i dont have to bring a seperate camera nor a camcorder..

Im a smartphone user and the current one im using now, i cant watch videos from youtube.. what a turn off.. iPhone is my DREAM THEATER! live streaming videos in high speed and quality, and 32GB OF SPACE for my music, videos and apps! I love the 'Angry Birds' app.. =) The AV cable compatibility is important for me.. With it, I can connect my phone to televisions or screens to present my projects in a cool way.. =)

ITS HEART!! most importantly, the power factory.. the battery lasts long which is essential for me..Im repeating myself, im always on the move.. Its not easy to go to a cafe to always recharge your phone.. They say it has 300 HOURS of stanby time?!! thats about 1 and a half weeks!

Everyone is using iPhone today and its so fashionable.. Everyone likes iPhone, including me.. I dont have one so I do really hope to get one.. If i do, THANK YOU NUFFNANG AND DIGI!! You have made a persons life easier.. =)

take care.. =D

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