Saturday, September 25, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

iPhone is known for its numerous number of fun apps.. From my view, the apps are awesome.. iPhone comes with a multi-touch-at-a-time function where u can press the screen more than once at the same time to either press multiple buttons or select a few things.. now thats cool..

From my experience with my friends iPhone, the most fun app that i played was the 'Angry Birds" where the story is about a bunch of pigs eating the birds eggs, so they want to take revenge on them. They have many types of birds that can be 'kamikazi!-ed' to attack the pigs who are under a base.. All I had to do is to break through the base by setting my shot angle properly.. Its hard, so its fun because sometimes, its just hard to destroy the base of the pigs.. The different types are birds are those that just do nothing when fired, some blow up, some split into 3 other birds and many more.

Besides that, im a musician. So i love playing the drum kits. As i said, you can press many buttons on the screen at the same time. So you can produce more than 3 sounds at once if you want too. It requires practice but it will be so cool to see a band performing all using iPhones.. There is a saying that if you combine 3 iPhones, you can have more keys of a piano.. thats so cool.. =)

Well, those are my most favourite apps.. take care.. =)

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