Sunday, September 26, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

When you talk about mobile packages, monthly plans and all, people always say, "Sure got trick one!" Well i was looking at the latest offers for the new iPhone 4 which just began last 24 September.. Well, i looked at its terms and conditions and it was quite fair..

For about 2 years, there is a contract and everything in this plan will only be applicable till the end of 2 years, but common, 2 years of free stuff is good enough.. Well, what free stuff.. with DiGi's iDiGi 88, you have 1GB free internet, however after the quota, its still free and there no extra charges.. just that the internet speed is slower.. I love that.. all i want is the internet mainly, to use the online social networks and blog.. With this plan, i will always have internet.. =)

The internet is my essential.. =)

I love its price.. RM58 is the average price of my phone bill currently.. But with the DiGi iDiGi 88 Plan, i have full access to the internet.. By the way, if i have 6 supplementary lines, they are all FREE! no matter if i use SMS, MMS or even calls.. =)

The prices to all networks are the same.. Other networks will have different prices.. So i would not have to worry when i contact my friends who use other networks..

Flexibility.. after i get this plan and i want to do some changes, i can upgrade my plan.. =)

DiGi, always the smarter choice.. =) take care.. =)

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