Friday, September 17, 2010

Does Anyone Know What Is This?

I found this thing crawling in my dining room..

So what is this?
  • Maybe a caterpillar? But it moved like a worm..
  • A caterpillar stuck into a tree? The rear looks like a plant.. 
  • A new species of a gene transplant, between the caterpillar and the stick insect?


Ching Siew Choo Clarissa said...

Maybe it's a caterpillar that fell into a pot of glue on it's rear end, then crawled through a bird's nest and somehow got the feathers to stick there?

Diana Cretu said...

I came across this page while looking for a different thing... and was surprised to see a weird creature that I had seen myself about a year ago.

Had to look for the video in my phone and upload it. It's exactly the same "thing":

Where did you see it? In my case: Romania.