Saturday, September 04, 2010

A few pics of Philippines..

At night at the H2O hotel, The Moon bar.

Quirino Grandstand, this photo was taken about 25 hours before the recent hostage situation..

A kite flying by with the background of the 'Junior' Taal Volcano..

A kite high in the sky..

The boat that takes you to the Taal Volcano..

Somehow they changed drivers halfway throughout the journey.. There was a floating bamboo to mark the position..

One of the civilian at the Taal Volcano island.. He was cleaning himself with sand..

A few more of them..

A tree along the hill of the volcano..

Its rock and layers..

Their Ketchup is known as Catsup..

A view from the drivers side..

Uncle's car.. a nice classic actually..

A view of the students around the area my mom grew up..

Back to the golden days?

My cousins.. =)

The building that reflects The University of the Philippines (UP).. I'm actually considering to study there..

A memorial of the fallen American Soldiers on Philippine land.. Their bodies are not here, just a memorial..

A typical market in Manila..

Playing with water and the camera.. The background is the round chapel in Makati..

I do not know about this, but notice the people behind?

This is how the weather is like usually..

This was about 15 kilometers away from central Manila which is having heavy rain..

Church candles..

Efficiency of the security guards.. A lady faints and a total of 10 security guards came to help.. Not to say they were away from their posts, but there were others still in position because there are really alot of security guards around..

They sell on the road, knock on your windows at traffic lights.. Dont be surprised to see children doing so too begging for money.. But this is getting lesser as the authorities are getting more strict..

One of the churches in Manila.. Look at its number of people..

A view from my friends apartment..

The green fields..

woof! =3

Thats their life basically..

A sunset at the airport before heading back to Malaysia..


Anonymous said...

Excellent portfolio Ian! :)

You actually inspired me to revisit one of my favorite passions..

Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

Nice shots Ian! I love them!
You must come back and take more shots :) Good job!