Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kim Hoe Restaurant at Pulau Ketam

So we were around looking for food and everywhere was packed.. Most of the restaurants had waitress all over, but this restaurant, Kim Hoe was quick enough to clear up a table for us and the other shops just leave the other tables messy..

Well anyways, this restaurant served good food too.. We ordered oysters, a number of buttered prawns, chinese cabbage
and 2 crabs with sweet and sour sauce with 4 buns to be eaten with the crabs (optional).. Served with chinese tea in a pot and rice, the total price ended up about RM118.. Not bad for a tasty meal and it was filling.

Oysters, it was steamed with ginger.. All the oyster shells were open after cooking which means they are all fresh.. It is believed that clamps or shells or oysters that do not open after cooking are not fresh.. It was tasty too, not too mushy nor hard.. 

Buttered prawns, my every time favorite.. They were big and hard, not tough but as in, muscular? They were just great and tasty too.. The shell were easy to be pulled off which means they are also fresh.. Fresh Test Award STAMPED!

The size of an average prawn compared to a typical spoon.. 

A typical chinese cabbage cooked in garlic sauce
, this was good as the vegetable was crunchy and not soft.. The garlic sauce made it tasty too..

Crabs in with sweet and sour sauce, the meat in it was not mushy at all and was delicious.. 

Served with these buns, they were toasted well so they are crunchy.. The green is 'pandan" and the brown was chocolate flavoring..

All in all, it was a good meal at Pualu Ketam.. I met up with another blogger, Jeremy Choy a.k.a. @bboyrice and he was having an outing with his other blogger friends.. They commented that the first restaurant which is located right after the jetty wasnt good that day, probrably due to the high number of tourist that day because they usually serve good seafood too.. 

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