Friday, September 24, 2010

The New 4G

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4G Is The Window Pane, The View Outside Is Its Functions..

Target users: The World (too general? No. It’s a fact) 

Foot note: I think outside the box. What's written below is not just one but many applications and uses of 4G. 

The internet is a common media in the world today. According to the internet world, about 1 966 514 816 people use the world wide web around the globe, which means the internet is influential, and useful. Throughout its years being used publically, there are known flaws, for example, security and privacy issues, connection problems, personal issues and health issues. However, 4G is not like the internet. 

4G is the future, not the internet. it’s a lifestyle. You may call it a status one day, but there are different extents that this network can go. 4G can be used by anyone, the poor or the rich, the strong or the lame, me and you. I believe YTL seeks for the convenience of people, and of course business. But it’s a mutual relationship between the community and the company. 

Life is so hectic today. People tend to forget and blank out. They say there are diaries, but they are forgotten too. There are digital reminders, but how efficient are they? People seek for convenience, not because they think about themselves, but to live life in an optimum rate. 

Lets talk about safety. People always say that they get hacked or their information or privacy has been leaked out. 4G gives a higher security level to keep privacy to the user. You think its impossible? Nothing is. For example, Microsoft Windows has made Operating Systems so good that unknown programs which may be recognized as viruses or hacking tools are blocked off. Same goes for Sophos anti-virus. If we apply these settings to 4G, we would have more than one less burden off our shoulders. 

That is just to make you feel better, but its true. Now lets get more detailed. I was all whining about convenience, let me show you how to live life easier. 

To run 4G, we of course need devices and applications. But what do these applications do? 
4G is fast, 4G is efficient. The most common thing we do every day is to socialize. It’s essential, for some of us, to always stay connected to each other in any way. 4G allows us to network with people, “very fast”. Business meetings can be done with video conferencing. Do you always here these lines over the phones, 

“Im sorry, I have an emergency” 
“Oh I was not informed about the meeting, I’m very far away now” 
“My car broke down” 

These excuses are not acceptable for large companies such as YTL. Now with video conferencing, you can now have your meetings anywhere and anytime without facing any connection disruptions or limit towards the number of participants. People also can link their laptop to show “Power Point” or “Prezi” presentations during video conferences. The connection quality is high to ensure clarity of conversation. Business will be more efficient too. 
An online calendar which links internet users to plan events and reminders is important. Companies can use this network to connect their employers under this site and connect people who are attending the same meeting or event. It also reminds people about their upcoming events. Pre-meeting discussions also can be planned there, well of course, with privacy if needed. 

If you can’t be home in time for the news, or you didn’t catch the last copy of today’s newspaper, 4G is your informant straight from the horse’s mouth. Don’t be left out by subscribing to news feeds on the latest news and events. News can now be more detailed with videos and photos. If you are in time, you may be virtually live at the event. 4G is your new television. 

How about entertainment? If 4G is everything, it has the internet, and the internet is also known to be everything. Streaming videos and music will be in high speed. We will not need memory cards anymore. Mobile online games may be created for gamers on the go. 

4G also has speed dials to helpful sources. If you need a taxi, a click of a button will get a taxi over to your place. If you need to reserve a table in a restaurant, or maybe, a restaurant, reservations can be done. 

4G is important during emergencies. Live feeds are used as the emergency hotlines, for example, 1 single button will send a distress signal containing information of the individual in need together with its current location to a hospital so that that person doesn’t need to talk on the phone with the hospital which saves precious time. For assurance, a reply message will be sent to show if the hospital acknowledges the distress call. Same goes for other emergencies such as crime and fire. 

4G can also monitor the safety of your home and car. If you might be late to go home from work, you can turn on your lights at home with a click of a button. If your car is disturbed, you will be informed together with the information on the condition of the car together with its location, so your vehicle is tracked and can be retrieved after, if stolen. 
Education is important for youths, and a lot of youths are up to date with today’s technology. 4G can be equipped with today’s facts and discoveries, quizzes and a space to discuss homeworks with classmates on the go. They also like gaming, therefore, 4G makes gaming experiences a breeze without any connection problems or lags. 

You may wonder, what may all this run on? Well, there are so many devices which do many wonders. So now, we have to make the wonders. 

This is not all I have in mind, so be updated soon. Take care.

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