Thursday, September 30, 2010

Something Worth More Than Being A Memory

Today, or maybe throughout this week, I learnt alot, despite i didnt study for my SAT much, luckily i have the holidays to do so..

Before I begin, well the text above wasnt the beginning, but I would like to say sorry for the miscommunication caused, annoyance, rudeness and whatever caused by me throughout this week..

It started on monday when the 5R club was going to sell files made from recyclable materials.. This was to promote EcoFriendly Products.. The files were a good deal, RM 6 for one that was made from used paper and it is thick, so alot of paper can be stored.. The sales were not good at first, but what Aaron Lui said, just push, not literally la..

So i put in effort and yes, sales increased the next day.. When it reached Wednesday, i was helping the Prom Committee to raise funds by selling food.. It was led by Soo Yin and Wai Yip.. I used what i learnt and was able to finish the stocks.. By the way, we didnt sell the files from Wednesday because the stocks were low too.. =)

Today is thursday.. I helped with the food again, and we finished it well.. I also helped during the afternoon session to help make bubble tea.. It was a good experience.. I did the shaking of milo and poured into the cups, Shi Yun helped with the pouring of ice and marble jelly into a cup, Joan collect the money, Chun Yeet and Audrey kept the people coming and Selva kept a constant amount of water going in.. We worked as a team, very well delegated.. =) and stocks were finished too. Milo finished at first, but we improvised.. We sold "milk" bubble tea.. =)

Thanks for the help of Robyn Tung, Sheroz, Adrian Goh, Aivee, Oon Hui, Sheila, Vithya, Kelly, Fauziah, Kah Mun and her friend (sorry. xD) and others.. =)

(I placed a line of names because I know how much a name is worth, sorry if i didnt put you in, but i think this was all) =D

Total funds raised was good, very good actually.. Its a good week so far, alot learnt and did.. looking foward for more.. take care.. =)

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