Thursday, September 09, 2010

Whats up?

Well blog is meant to type down personal things of a person or the author.. So here it goes..

First of all, politics has been a hot topic of the time, which branches into many lines..But for me, im staying chill to it.. not being 'tidak apa' about it, but just being lucky to be in such country, because there are places that are worse out there.. so basically, politics and government is a subject to infinity.. you cant satisfy each and every one person in the country.. thats a fact and understandable..

Second, studies.. God give me the mood to study.. It seems that the holidays decreases my study mood compared to schooling days.. I was enthusiastic to study at first, then some changes occured when the holidays began. Tomorrow is thursday and im gonna hit the chair and table..

Third, Yen Li. So sorry for making things this way.. Yeah it is me at fault, i thought of myself only. You tried, i didnt.. Reflection time..

Take care always.. =/

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