Thursday, September 09, 2010

You think you're so great?

Haha no lah.. that title is to be hammered on to me..

I will start with the note that I have missed alot of opportunities in my life, things that can make me learn more, experience, build me up personally and mentally, not to mention physically also. In my high school days, I thought  i was someone.. I was the Co-Ed in the school magazine, captain of the frisbee team, a secretary in the 131st Petaling Scout Troop and more. But today, i see it as a small thing in my life. It did teach me alot of things, but there was more than that to learn.

I stumbled upon a girl, im not cheating on my girlfriend but i was meeting new people from the recent BRATs camp which was held at Kuantan. Chia Chien Teng -a 16 year old- and somebody is somebody with a personality.

Chia Chien Teng can be found @

yes, she has her own domain, makes money through her blog and bought a DSLR with that money through 80% of blog profits and others by saving. SOMETHING THAT I WANT TO DO..

but it seems to be a dream, because im not taking action? I just dont know where to start. This blog has been on for about 5 years. Maybe the weakness is that the publicity is not wide enough and i do not have enough social networking, says FeeqSays Network.

oh well..

is it too late? sometimes i think so.. Now im doing my form 6 and SAT's, which i do not see a white light appearing from the darkness.. Gotta keep studying..

I cant keep day dreaming anymore.. Gotta work..

take care.. =/

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